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Oh God, yes, Willy Wonka you tell 'em!

They'll come over, shake open the shirt, and then dump it on top of the stack you just organized...all while you're right there still folding! I swear so many times I wanted to carry a wooden spoon to whack people's hands away.

NC Tony

I can't count the number of times I've been tempted to tackle people, snap both their arms and scream "Unfold another shirt now, bitch!"


I want this to be a meme so badly. Sympathetic custies doing this everywhere. But it would probably get out of hand, making a mess and getting retail slaves in trouble. So maybe not. :(


So I do this sometimes in stores when there's no sample picture above, but I always try to fold it back up afterwards. Is this better, worse, or no different if I do it wrong and the slave has to fix it anyways?


I would also like to know, Potato :(

I have rugs at my furniture store, and I'm always constantly refolding them...its a constant battle. At least with the rugs, I appreciate it when someone at least tries to put em back in a somewhat organized way.

Jim Book

You know what would make you feel better? A trip to the Apple store.

Honey RHU RHU Child

In response:

ALWAYS try to re-fold any folded merchandise you have disturbed. It's easy! A robot didn't fold it in the first place, I (a human) did, and so can you! We greatly appreciate the effort.

Also know this: most companies (smart ones anyway) are huge on LP (Loss Prevention). We are always watching you go through the store like a tornado so don't turn on the charm when you can see me and pretend like you care how messy you are only to morph into a she-beast and tear through a table full of nicely folded t-shirts when you think I can't see you. This is the ONLY reason I am walking around asking you "you doing ok so far?". I don't really care how you're doing, I just want you to know I'm around and watching you!

And please, if you try it on in the fitting room, put it back on the hanger! Don't leave it in a pile on the floor. Personally, when I go into a store I put everything back where I found it. I didn't learn this from working in retail, I learned it from my mother! This may be a stretch for you but at least if you remember where something was, make an effort to put at least ONE thing back.


An addition to Honey RHU RHU Child's post.

Don't put clothes on some random rack if you can't be bothered to put them back where you found them! I know you want to pretend you aren't treating the salves like they're your salve.

I remember so many times it'd be close to closing, and we'd have organized all the racks in the store, when a late custy would come in, pick something up from a front rack and wonder into the back and I'd just pray she came back out with it so that I didn't have to go hunting for it.
One night I actually did just flat out ask the custy where she put it while I was ringing her out.

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