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Gallon Smash Prank: Hilarious or Infuriating?


"All right, so tell us," questions Alyona Minkovski from HuffPost Live, "You, um, supposedly you guys are all paying for these gallons of milk and juice and everything that you smash?"

All three hesitate and look reluctant to answer, then the truth comes out.

"Uh, we pay for some of them, yeah."

"Some of them," repeats Alyona in a disapproving tone.


"All right, I have to ask," Alyona asks later in the interview, "Do you feel like it's a little wasteful? I mean all that good milk and juice and water that people could be drinking and enjoying, going to waste."

The awkward silence that follows is very telling, and Alonya laughs a bit as her point obviously strikes home.

"Yeah, I mean after we did them, the falling and all that," splutters one of the teens, "we kinda looked back and, you know, we felt bad, you know, for the janitors that had to whatever like, um, hafta clean up and um whoever had to clean up, yeah I mean we kinda felt bad but in the end we were just trying to film a funny prank."

"Would you guys recommend other people going out gallon smashing?" Challenges Alonya's fellow host and producer, Jacob Soboroff.

"No. No-no. Don't." Comes back the chorus.

"Honestly, not really. It can be dangerous, and it can end pretty bad."

They elaborate a tally of injuries, mostly bruises.


All for Youtube hits, three teenage Custys violently smash containers when no one appears to be looking and fall heavily to the floor. As genuinely concerned shoppers try to give them assistance, they make a scene: slipping and sliding in the spilled liquid like cartoon characters and spreading the spill with every flailing movement of their legs.

Obviously this 'friendly prank' is not intended to cause harm and is meant for laughs. However, as a former retail slave, I can imagine the resulting mess is much less funny for the slaves who have to clean up after it. I can't imagine the managers cracking a smile at the concern about it being an incident where a custy could have been legitimately harmed. Then there's the loss of product; a cost to the store, which probably already loses money due to crusty temper tantrums and managers being caught between corporate, who always backs the crusty, and a shrieking harridan that the manager just wants to get rid of.

I have filed this under Asshole Custys, Custys With Entitlement Complex, Douchebag Custys, Dumbass Custys, Grocery Store Hell, and Rude Custys, so I think my vote is clear.


The Last Archimedean

If they were caught doing that at the store I shop in, they'd be banned. That's the same store where the late "E" worked. Management there doesn't tolerate deliberate destruction of merchandise.


As a former grocery store employee, I personally want to smash their faces into a jelly. A just and merciful diety would see to it that they become retail slaves themselves and have to suffer the aftermath of teen destruction, mop in hand.



Seeing the mess they're making and the fact that they are hardly ever even paying for the destroyed merchandise takes any humor out of even the falling bits.
And of course a bunch of teen jerks who think they're big s*** are going to follow suit.
I feel shame for my generation at times like this...

NC Tony

I think the perfect punishment for them would be to work in the store for a month, with no pay, cleaning up any and all messes, especially in the bathrooms.


If we witness this at our store, even off duty, we are supposed to call the store director in charge. They will decide whether the kids will get a ban or get charged with theft and vandalism.


when I first saw this it absolutely infuriated me... seriously what a bunch of see you next tuesdays!


I seriously hope that if this happens in my store it happens when the off duty cops are working... Any time we write up an accident report for a customer, we are automatically charged $3000 by the company to covered any costs that may be incurred. If no costs are incurred, we get that money back, but it takes several months. These idiots deserve whatever injuries they sustain.


Hate these kids. Beyond the fact that the "prank" itself isn't funny, they execution is just awful - no comedic timing nor gift for physical humor. It might be funnier if they were fat, too.


Wonder how funny they would think it if I walked into their house and accidently smashed their tv or xbox.


Damn. Go HuffPost interviewer! "Uh, we pay for some of them, yeah." Sure you do.


I am so mad right now.
Tonight, at work, I was putting up sales "talkers", and this kid walking around near me was suddenly on the ground, lying flat, with 5 Alive juice on the ground around him. One is totally smashed open, the other is okay, and his friend is beside him going, "Oh, you okay man?"
Naturally, I go over and ask if he's alright, and he's really groaning, but says he'll be fine, just asks his friend to help him up. Then his friend is trying to get him up, and his feet are stupidly slipping around, which I didn't really get as his feet weren't really in the big juice puddle. My co-worker has come over at this point, asks if he hit his head or is dizzy, and the kid says he just hit his hip. Co-worker helps him up, kid says he must have slipped on, "uh, sand", and goes on his way. And we have a big goddamn mess to clean up.

Then I come home tonight, and see this.

If I'd seen THIS before my shift today, I'd have asked the little fuck if he thought breaking our product was funny, told him he'd be paying for the juice and helping with clean up. What a fucking brat. I can't believe this. I was wondering why the one carton was so totaled, now I know it's because he smashed them together five feet away from me while I was focusing on reading bar codes. Damn. It.

Queer Geek

Seriously? This is what teens need to do and think is funny and then post it online? Do some volunteering. Charity work! Stop being a douche and do something meaningful with your lives asshats!


I've got an idea. Next one of these shits that does it gets to clean it up, pay for all of it, then still gets arrested for theft, vandalism, destruction of property, and being a public menace. And if we can make it stick, stupidity.


"Uh, we pay for some of them, yeah" is NOT the right answer. I accidentally dropped a jar of jam in the store the other day and paid for it anyway ('cause it was on my own dumb ass for not grabbing a basket). If you're deliberately pulling this shit for YouTube hits? You should pay for EVERYTHING you destroy, and get down on your goddamned knees and beg the staff not to ban you from the store, because if you ask me they'd be well within their rights to do so. This is some bullshit right here.




It's a "harmless prank" to destroy a merchant's property?

Fuck those kids. Hard. May they spend their years cleaning up after asshole teenagers just like them.


I have a better prank for them. I call it the mop. You just punch them until they can't fight back and use them to clean the mess up. Whatever their clothing doesn't absorb they lick off the floor. I don't know bout you guys but I'll laugh pretty hard at that.


I don't like pranks in general. They aren't funny to me. I mean, regardless of them destroying merchandise and making problems for the workers, a lot of pranks involve potentially hurting someone or yourself and they are just NOT funny to me. I've gotten to the point where I don't even find the AFV crash videos funny anymore because all I can think about is "That had to hurt. What if he was seriously injured?" To me pulling pranks on other people is about one degree away from bullying them. The only prank I've ever seen that was in good taste was when that one Duggar boy on 19 Kids And Counting put that fake diamond in the dirt when they were all digging around in that field.

Seriously, I do not have the sense of humor required to appreciate pranks.


If this was anywhere except a grocery store it would be a whole different story. You can't go into Best Buy and break something on the floor. I don't understand why they think they can break something at the grocery store and get away with it. My 12 year old son saw this and the first words out of my mouth were "If I ever even think that you were going to do something like this" He said, "No mom, just no, I have brains." So congrats little punk kids, a 12 year old knows better than you.

The Truth

Holy Shit people calm down its a prank noone got hurt a gallon of milk is 5$ and it take literally 5 fucken minutes to mop up. Your lives suck cuz obviously you never have had fun before.

Sabriel Jones

Lol well in that case "truth" why don't I go into your place of work smash up a few thing and then leave. You know it will be funny!

Aside from what you just said it a waste of food! Why would you waste 2 gallons of milk or so on a stupid prank?


Purposefully destroying merchandise and creating a big mess that the store has to clean up?
I'd say this prank is plenty harmful!

Plus, you know none of these little fuckers offered to pay for the milk they smashed. I wouldn't even be surprised if they tried to sue the store if they ended up seriously hurting themselves.

Haven't had fun, huh? Well maybe you're right, so how about I go to your work place a pour a gallon of milk all over the floor. It's no harm to you...after all, I paid for the milk so it costs you nothing, and it'll take you all of 5 minutes to clean up. You wouldn't be mad at all, right?

Jason Thorn

Kids. Are. Stupid.

That's it in a nutshell. Kids have always been stupid. Some rise above their stupidity, some embrace it. It's as old as time itself.

Some enhance their stupidity with a kind of perverse creativity.

"Look at me! Look at what I can do! And I don't care who suffers, as long as I get NOTICED!"

And of course, the current YouTube and Facebook culture panders to them.

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