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Mannequins Model Normal Sized Clothing For Once

Normal mannequin

"H&M in Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 6 and 10. Some are saying they "condone obesity."



I say it's nice to have more realistic models of customer sizes. Few things are more depressing than walking among mannequins that happen to be skinnier than a photoshopped model, trying to find a larger size. What do you think RHU?




That's either Lindex's or Åhlens' plus size section, not H&M.


How exactly is a UK 14 "condoning obesity"? That's a normal, healthy size. People are weird.


@KC, it isn't even a size 14 mannequins they are bitching about. The mannequins they are saying condone obesity are 6 through 10. How can something size 6, 8 or 10 be considered obese? Maybe if you are 3 feet tall.


Wow, 6 and 10 are in no way obese! That sounds normal to me! I'm glad that they've changed the mannequins to reflect a real body. Even if they kept the sizing as a 0, I wouldn't mind as long as they portrayed what a 0 sized body really looks like which, lets be honest, is more than likely to have no curves. Not gonna sell many dresses or whatever with a flat, boyish mannequin!


Condoning obesity? Are you freaking kidding me?

Think of it was a real woman who looked exactly like the mannequin. Yes there would be the dumbasses who'd say "well I think she looks fat! Look how big her thighs are. I'd kill myself if I/my girlfriend looked like that!"
But we aren't talking attractiveness here. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to that.

In terms of obesity as a medical issue, that mannequin would not be considered obese were she alive.



I believe a UK size 14 is equivalent to a US 10.


a woman who is a size 10? Oh no the world is ending!!

The whole women's sizing thing is shitty at best.

Depending on where I buy my work clothes, business professional type clothing for business meetings I attend, work out clothes and clothes to wear around the house/jeans/errands, I am anywhere from a size 8 to a 14.

Bought a couple new track suit pants at walmart for my 4 day a week workout routine at the Y. With one label, the smallest I could squeeze into was a 2x. 3 feet away, to a different company I easily fit into an extra large. Some shirts at target look better on me if they are 3x, some shirts fit me just well at a large.

Fricking jean sizes are all over the place.


Makes me nuts how I wear multiple sizes within the same clothing line. There's one store (no names) where I'm something like a 0 petite in skirts, a 2 in dresses, and a 4 regular in trousers, plus XS in sweaters but S in button-downs! If they'd just standardize things based on inches/centimeters or something, maybe women could actually order clothes online with more than crossed fingers and "I THINK this is my size..." And with that having been said, I still look more like those mannequins than the usual ones, so vanity sizing is nutso. My roommate is Korean and has teeny-tiny bones, and sometimes has to resort to shopping in the kids' section because adult sizes are too big. Ditto my BFF who's 4'10" and a fitness instructor - you try buying outside the junior's section when you're that size, and that's not fair either.

The Singing Library Clerk

Women's clothing sizes needs to be regulated.

When I read this article on MSN yesterday they said they couldn't tell what store it was. But pretty much all the commenters agreed - the body might look womanly, but face looked like a man. Plus the Leia hair has to go.


I am unsure how a mannequin depicting a woman with a flat belly and firm thighs is "condoning obesity", just because she's a bit thicker around then the other mannequins. Most mannequins are built like anorexics anyway.


Condoning obesity ... as opposed to condoning anorexia, like most "standard" mannequins do?

DeptStore Diva

Those mannequins look a lot more realistic than the white PVC looking ones at my store, which are sized like a Barbie Doll.

I do agree with women's sizing. I have clothes in three sizes because nothing is the same between brands.

In the Renaissance, a woman with extra 'padding' was considered beautiful...I must be living in the wrong era :)

I eventually came to the conclusion that if God wanted me to be size 2, he'd have made me that way. Instead He made me size 22, and I'm not going to try to convince Him He was wrong :)



I'm with you on vanity sizing. In it's the great equalizer in one way, it makes it so that women of all sizes have no idea what size clothing they really wear.

Clothing shopping pretty much sucks who are short, tall, skinny, fat. Basically anything outside average. The point of this was, unlike most mannequins, this mannequin is built to look like a woman average body (actually probably a little better than average, but closer than a size 00 is) so it's kind of sick that people say this condones obesity.


they actually look like a healthy model, i hate the mannequins that are super skinny. in the UK depending on which shops i go to, i can be anything from a UK12 all the way to a UK 18 (for button down shirts for my work uniform, rather blessed in the boobs department), i have a really hard time finding clothing that fits due to the above mentioned department, and my "hourglass" figure, all clothes seem to be designed for size 0 rakes, not curves.


Oh, and by the way, this is a mannequin from another Swedish clothing store:


nipples AND a belly pooch?! Thats amazing! Finally people accepting that we aren't all plastic barbie dolls


Besides mannequins of different, more common sizes, how about mannequins of different proportions? I'm sure even these larger mannequins have the same measurement ratios as the smaller ones. How about mannequins with larger or smaller hips and breasts?

And yes, to standardized sizing! The pants I own range from a size 3 to a size 9 and sometimes, those 9's are tighter! And despite not being large chested, I often need to buy larger shirts because I have broad shoulders. I wonder how cost-effective it would be for a company to offer custom sizes?

The mannequins are nto from H&M, they are from Åhléns. I took the photo in 2010.


OY BookBitch - that's precisely why I never buy clothes online. I'm not confident that they would fit right, especially since being blessed in the boobs means I can only pull off certain cuts. I generally look good in wrap shirts and things with large wide sleeves, but only if they have this weird gathering at the bottom that makes it cling to my curves. I can't do anything that has a defined boob area, and I can't do those ones with the wide band at the bottom. Makes me look like a blob.

Even my shoe size is a range depending on the kind of shoes (larger in heels, smaller in flats)

The Last Archimedean

Ever since Christy Henrich starved herself to death because some asshole told her she was "too fat" when she maybe weighed 100 pounds soaking wet, I've been angrily campigning for more realistic body images to be presented to women, not these size minus 100 "fashion models". This is a small step in the right direction. Now if we could get some size 20 mannequins and some models with actual curves to get some publicity...


Before anyone starts arguing obesity we need a more accurate way of determining what obese even is. If we go by the unfortunate standard of BMI then in order for some people to hit a healthy weight they are going to have to start cutting off limbs. Frankly those mannequins look way better than the standard stickly(get it sickly+stick=stickly) looking fare.



Clothing sizes aren't just screwed up for women. I once bought 2 pairs of shorts from the same clothing line in the same style that were just different colors. One pair fit; the other did not. That was absurd.


I don't think mannequins are supposed to be representative of real people, they're just there to show the clothing and suggestions on how to match up outfits and accessories. Most of them don't even have heads for fucksake. It makes sense to have larger mannequins for plus size stores so they can model the clothing properly, I don't see how this is some kind of moral crusade.

That said plus size clothing/mannequins "condoning obesity" is an asinine argument, unless fat people are supposed to walk around naked or something.


reguardlesss of how awesome and real these look, and how personally I'm all for these; how exactly does one "condone" or "not condone" obesity anyway? Its not as if you can stop people from eating the way they see fit.


The dept store where I worked had plus-sized mannequins in the plus-sized section, and petite mannequins in the petite section. I had to give kudos to the company for doing that. It meant that women who wear those size clothes can actually see what they look like on a body before trying them out in the fitting room (which few people seem to do these days based on the number of "it didn't fit" returns). However, I had to dress the junior mannequins, and I can tell you that every last one wore the smallest sizes that we carried. Ridiculous, when one considers that "medium" is the most size purchased.

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