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Scamming N.A.T. Tries To Put One Over On Terah

TerahI had a dude come up to my register today and he bought some crap and paid with a $20. I was in a rush with other customers and hurriedly gave him his change. Before I can even close the till, he speaks up.

Dude: Hey! I gave you a $100! Where’s the rest of my change?

Terah: You gave me $20.

Dude: You little liar! I gave you a $100 dollar bill and you’re trying to cheat me! Where’s your manager?

Terah: Buddy, the $100 on the top of my stack is marked with a counterfeit pen, which I didn’t use during our transaction, and it’s stamped with a pink Piglet stamp. Unless you gave me a bill with a pretty, pink stamp on it, you’re a scam artist and I won’t hesitate to get security down here; they’re bored right now. Who’s next?

The dude sulked off after that.

Moral of the story is don't assume that because I'm in a rush I don't notice what you give me. I almost always notice.



Sales Agent Guy

I've seen that scam before. The variation I got was a man asking for a $100 from five $20's. So I got a supervisor up there, since we can't keep anything higher than $20 in the drawer (and even then we can only keep two or three at most.)

The supervisor gave him the bill he requested, and a moment later, the man claimed that my supervisor gave him a $10. Fortunately, both the supervisor and I knew that was wrong.

He later told me about that scam, but I figured as much that he was trying to scam us.

Larry Berry

This guy was a total dumbass of a thief or scammer, whatever you want to call him. Anyone is going to remember a hundred. It will stick out. Giving a 10 and then saying it was a 20 may con some people, but to say it was a hundred, insinuating that you missaw it or misremembered it? Idiot!


I had someone try that one me--give me a 20 and then turn around and say it was a 100. I opened my draw and showed him there was no 100 bills at all in my till. He then called the manager over and said I was stealing it and stuck it in my pocket. He swore he saw me stick it in my pocket. My manager was like, "Well turn out your pockets." The clothes I was wearing, had no pockets, none at all. The manager was like, "Get the hell out of my store before I call the police."

Moral of the story, if you claim someone took your money and put it in your pocket, make sure they actually have pockets.

The Kid

When I first started working, I fell for a scam. It was a busy time of day within a few weeks of training. Manager decided I could be on my own for the first time because I had been doing well. An older lady comes into my line, orders and pays, no big deal. But then after she had gotten her food and sat down, she jumped back into line and told me I had given her the wrong change. I forget the exact amount (this was a few years ago now), but I know it was pretty substantial. Oblivious, I apologized and gave her more money. It wasn't until I was counting my drawer later that I realized something was wrong and told my manager about it. Thankfully, that manager was awesome and she said it was fine as long as it didn't happen again, but still.

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