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Science Ninja vs Sauron; Dealing With A Dumbass

The science ninjaHi guys :) Another story from me, The Science Ninja, just for you :)

Now, yesterday I had the "pleasure" of working with a woman who I will call Sauron - due to her ability to use WAYYY too much eye make up.

Now, I was hired at the same time as Sauron - about 3 years ago - and actually did all my training with her. However, Sauron works full time - excluding Sundays - and I work Sundays, so I haven't seen much of her. I assumed, as she was working over 6 times the hours that I work, that she would know much more about the job than I do.

I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

I wasn't supposed to be working with customers yesterday; in fact I was putting sales stickers on all the sales items.

A little bit of background, even though the stickers went on yesterday - the sale only starts today. However, company policy is, if it is obviously on sale, and not ringing up on the till, we honour the sale and the customer has sales price.

So, I am happily marking down clothes, sticking my lovely half price stickers on pretty much everythingwhen I get a call from Sauron.

Dumbass story timeSauron: Science Ninja! Can you help me with something?

*Put down what I was doing, even though I have a deadline, and trundle over*

Sauron: This woman is buying this, and it says 50% off, but it's ringing up at full price. What do I do?

Science Ninja: Well, we have to honour the sale so she can have it for 50% off.

Sauron: Well, the till isn't saying that.

Science Ninja: Well, it's the company policy. Just take 50% off manually.

Sauron: Well, how do I do that?

So, I walk her through each screen and I swear it's like the first time she has ever seen it. We have had about 30 occasions where we have had to do this over the 3 years, and it also has to be done if the price is ringing up wrong on the till.

Now, I wouldn't mind, but the people I trained 2 months ago know how to do this. I just don't see how she has survived without knowing!!

Choke a bitchAdd on top of this, she returned a £500 dress (for cash) that:

a) didn't have a receipt - or a barcode from our store,

b) we don't sell in our particular store (so it is against store policy to return it)

and c) is sold in multiple chains - so there is no guarantee she bought it from us

I rushed over when I saw her doing it, but she kept contradicting me, saying "I'm a full timer, I know best." When the customer left, and I showed her the refund policy - she simply said "Oh, no one has ever shown me that"

So guess who got yelled at by Management for not stopping her - even though I wasn't technically supposed to be interacting with the customers?


Sorry for the long post guys, but had to get it off my chest.

Hope all your co workers have more than a single brain cell.

--The Science Ninja


Sales Agent Guy

You should seriously register a complaint about this. The fact you were spoken to about her misconduct is unacceptable.

The Last Archimedean

You should report Management to Higher Management for reprimanding the wrong person. And tell Higher Management to make sure Sauron gets written up for her incompetence.

Larry Berry

^^ What they said. That's complete bull for you to get in trouble for something someone else did, especially when it's something you tried to stop them from doing but they said "I know best"

NC Tony

Follow the 3D's.

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