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TerahWe have a regular customer that everyone on our shift knows. He’s the sweetest thing ever, and he’s completely deaf. For here, I’m gonna call him Lil’ Deaf Dude.

Lil’ Deaf Dude knows you can’t understand him, and he tries so hard to make himself clear. I’ve seen him stand for several minutes trying to let us know what kind of cigarettes he wants. And when you finally DO get it, he seems so proud of you and of himself. So, I think he’s the sweetest thing.

Today, he was in the store and a little boy wanted to wave at him and say ‘Hi’. But Lil’ Deaf Dude couldn’t hear him, of course, and had his back to the boy.

The kid was getting more and more upset that Lil’ Deaf Dude wasn’t turning around, so I said, "I’m sorry, buddy, but he can’t hear you. He’s deaf."

As I went over to get Lil’ Deaf Dude to turn around for the little boy, I heard his mother explain that being deaf was that his "ears were broken" and "didn’t work".

The little boy, who was maybe 4, looked SO UPSET that Lil’ Deaf Dude had broken ears, that he ran up and gave him a hug and said he hoped he got his ears fixed.

When Lil’ Deaf Dude’s grandson came to pick him up not long after, I told him what had happened so he could tell his grandpa. It was cute.

--Terah The Gas Slave


The Last Archimedean

Nice to have something like that happen. It gives a shot in the arm to my rapidly fading faith in humanity.

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