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Carolanne axeHello RHU! The always ’better with a little booze’ Botulism Sauce here to regale you with another tale of woe, this time from my current job as a super(duper)visor at a retail style food service type grill and coffee store on a college campus. Confused? Great.

I have a secret to share with you. I hate my co-worker, or one of the people I supervise, who I’m going to call Whiny Butt. She totally undermines my directions, fails to do even the simplest of tasks I give her, spends her time chatting it up at the cash register instead of doing her job, sneaks around to stay late to get literally two minutes of overtime and finds ways to blame me (or other employees) for her shortcomings to my manager, which always means I get in trouble for her crap.

In the five years I have worked here I have only ever been written up twice, both times within this year and, of course, both times with her squarely centered in the reasons why. I will share one, the other being a little personal in nature.

I had a button on the register I set up, a very secret button, where I could give our employees discounts on our merchandise (canned soda, chips etc,) which we technically are supposed to pay for (except for management, because they’re perfect and above the rules they make, but that’s a whole other story). At the beginning of her time here Whiny Butt and I got along just fine, and I let her in on my little secret button because she really liked a few of our bottled beverages. I figured I’d rather her discount herself on them than just steal them.

Uh oh, within a week EVERY cashier and half of the student body knew about this button and instead of two or three dollars being knocked off prices, we were losing $50 to $100 in straight up cash sales. This is very noticeable to Lord Helmet, our fearless leader (general manager) who approached me about it and put me through the wringer.

I got a big fat write up, and honestly had no one to blame but myself, well maybe Whiny Butt a little, but it was my stupid ass who should have known better. I think I’ll leave it at that for now but this is part one of at least three of the whiny butt saga, continued the next time I actually have a chance to sit down.

p.s. After reading this over I just want to include that throughout all of this I have been a very understanding and as-professional-as-I-get supervisor (or as I describe myself "the one who constantly gets sh*t on, unable to hang with the peons, but also doesn't get management perks," in some sort of sh*t on limbo.)

--Botulism Sauce


Queer Geek

First of all Botulism Sauce as much as this little college store sucks, you shouldn't be giving employee discounts period. It's come to my understanding that employee discounts are a privilege not a right. If this sucky company doesn't offer this incentive, you either have two choices: a.) suck it up and accept this stupid policy and collect a paycheck or b.) quit and find another company to work for where they offer employee incentives.

With that said, yeah your manager breaks the rules. Is it fair? No but it's his/her ass on the line once the company finds out and decides to let this person go for violating policy. The same goes for whiny. If she's blantantly stealing products, then let her get caught and have them fire her for it. Now it's you on the firing range because you made the mistake of letting her know about the discount button and she used this to create a paper trail back to you.

At this point, since you've already have two strikes against you, I would start looking for another job. It seems that they intend to put you on the chopping block. You might as well cut your losses since it sounds like they want to let you go.


I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. She was not at the center of you been written up- it was your actions that caused all of this. Regardless of how you word it, you were stealing from your place of employment.


i guess this was the wrong story to tell. :(


Bummer. Clearly this girl was the wrong person to tell about your secret button. If you haven't already, stop giving out those discounts altogether. It'll only get you into more trouble, and you don't need that. This economy sucks, and looking for another job right now because you were trying to be nice to the employees is less than awesome.



I totally understand wanting to do something nice for the slaves you work with, but unfortunately I've learned to look out for oneself only. What you did was stealing (barely, but still) but it unfortunately opened the door for your coworker to take it to a whole new level.

I agree with everyone else, start looking. and be super vigilant with this soul-sucker, she's clearly got it out for you.

The Last Archimedean

Stories like this remind me of why I'm an absolute stickler to store policy. If someone else wants to violate it, I have them log in first so it's their butt on the line if it's investigated, not mine.

Being nice to people by bending the rules may get you karma points, but karma points don't pay the electricity bill. Sorry you got caught up in this mess, but I think it's time for you to start looking for a new job.

botulism sauce

oooh it was time for that a looong time ago Archi. :p
I want to clarify things a little bit, in case it didn't come out right in my story. You know when you set out to write something and then when you’re finished you realize you wrote an entirely different story then what you thought you were going to tell? My next installment of whiny butt will be a real whiny butt story, not this one which, in fairness, was not her fault at all. That’s what I really want to hammer home, I know what I did was wrong and I took FULL responsibility for my actions. I shouldn't have made that button and I was reprimanded and put in exactly the place I belonged for it, without ever mentioning how exactly knowledge of the button got spread. I'm actually pretty lucky my manager understood what I was trying to do and didn't fire me, which would have been in his legal right.

Queen Geek

Looking forward to it. I've had my share of crazy coworkers which is common in any retail, service oriented industry but definitely you might want to proof your posts and clarify the circumstances. Obviously, the intepretation we got the story was that policies were broken and who was at fault.

Larry Berry

I look forward to the follow up. I understand where you're coming from, and want everyone to note that Botulism sauce did admit doing wrong. At a previous job, I used to fix free food for myself and eat it when the manager wasn't around. I justified it because everyone else did it. And pretty much EVERYONE else did. I was one of the hardest workers while most everyone else was lazy and barely did anything, so I felt that if they were getting free food and I wasn't then then they were getting a bonus above me, despite me working 100 times harder. Looking back now, I regret doing that, no matter what my reasoning was for justifying it.

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