Well That Just Broke My Brain...
Which Makes Me Wonder What Custys Thought It Was For...

Cree Speaking Hags Get Told, And Screaming Off Key Gives An Update On Grabby McPervert

Carolanne diveHello! It's Screaming Off Key. I went to my store manager and my DM. The result was quick: Grabby McPervert lost his status as a manager and was put on probation.

He proceeded to launch several complaints against me, claiming I wasn't doing my job, leaving things undone and other such things. So in order to investigate the claims the DM looked through our camera footage and found that he couldn't be seen in the store at all during times he was scheduled during the same hours as me. People started complaining that he was lazy, wasn't doing anything etc, and he was fired. I've been promoted to crew trainer, and my pay was raised .75 cents woop woop!

Now for a bit of a story. I work in a town that's further north. We get a lot of the natives from reserves who come through, and let me put out there that I'm a LOT more than half blood first nations. My great grandmother could only speak my language, Cree. I can understand it completely and almost speak it fluently.

Now. I shall start the story.

An older woman came through with what I'll assume was her daughter. I'm put on counter a lot because people describe me as bouncy, bubbly and extremely polite. I was being my usual polite self and helped the customer to figure out our menu. After ten minutes of struggle, we didn't manage to get something down. They asked me to give them a minute, and I did so.

And what does she do? She proceeds to speak in Cree to the younger woman saying "I am so tired of little white bitches like this one."


I proceeded to then and there cancel the order, and ask them to leave. The younger one proceeded to accuse me of discrimination and asked for a manager. I calmly called my favourite manager, who I'll call Fairy Bottom.

Fairy Bottom: Hello ma'am. What's the problem today.

Younger Cree Lady: Your employee refuses to serve us because we are Cree.

Fairy Bottom: And what brings you to that conclusion ma'am?

Carolanne oh reallyYounger Cree Lady: She was being rude to us when we got in and when we started talking to each other in Cree, she refused to serve us.

Fairy Bottom: (Turned to me now) Is this true Screaming Off Key?

Me: No, when they first came in I helped them as much as possible and explained the menu items. I did not refuse to serve them until the older one called me a bitch in Cree.

At this point both women became red in the face and started spluttering.

Older Cree Lady: And how would YOU know what I said?

Which is when I replied "Tansikatintin." (Translation: What do you think?)

After that, they spluttered some more and left of their own accord, while Fairy Bottom sent me on a fifteen.

People irk me.

--Screaming Off Key


Trucker Bitch

Some people still need to learn to NEVER assume someone can't understand a language just by the way they look.


As a heavenspawn(and sometime time hellspawn) I spoke Spanish fluently thanks to my PR babysitter - she spoke to all the kids in her care in both languages. i've forgotten a bunch of it, but still remember enough to get by and known when someone is talking crap.

Generally I've had people assume I speak it more than assume that I didn't.


I love shit like this. I did this to customers once. I know very little Spanish and what I do know is mostly insults (My mom made me learn bits of different languages that way I could cuss at hockey games without embarrassing her). This crotchety middle aged couple came in one night and I heard them call me a white bitch when I walked away with their order. Without missing a bit, I turned around and thanked them in Spanish, then walked off. They were polite the rest of the night and even left a decent tip.

Queer Geek

Awesome story of custy revenge. I'm usually more forgiving than that. If I were you, I would take their order and when they are finished eating and got their check, I would communicate with them in Cree just to see the humilated looks on their faces. Who knows maybe these ignorant bitches might left a nice tip?

The Last Archimedean

Good job on getting scumbag manager fired. Hopefully he changes his behavior.

As for the customers... well, you'd think people would know by now not to say negative things about the restaurant workers who provide you with your food. Especially when the worker in question has been nothing but helpful and you're just being a jerk.


You handled it better than I would've. I'm an Irish-American brunette, but due to some interesting quirks of the neighborhood I grew up in and my Mom's babysitting co-op, I speak pretty good Japanese and fairly respectable Punjabi. Little old ladies from India or Japanese businessmen sometimes used to make comments about the merchandise, my coworkers or similar and I'd just switch to their language and continue helping them as if nothing had happened. Always got a double-take and often a lavish tip, plus there were some Indian ladies who followed me from Radioactive Snack to Sneers and insisted on waiting until I was free before buying their electronics from 'nice respectful girl.'

I even had one lady who brought her son (who had an American fiancee,) and read him the riot act. "What wrong with this one? This one prettier than yours, she respectful, she talk good Punjabi, know how to fix television. If you can't find nice Indian girl, at least get SMART American." By a happy coincidence, the son was a classmate and friend of my now-husband's (and his fiancee was a great girl, pre-med,) and he said "But mother, this is the fiancee of my good friend. You remember, he and I replaced your garage door opener." "Oh. That one. Very good, we ask this one be bridesmaid, you get friend to join wedding party. We TEACH you fiancee to talk."

Yeah, that was a weird town to live in.


Geez, you got a 75¢ raise for being promoted to Crew Trainer? I got 10¢. It's another reason I'm looking to get out of McHell as soon as I can.


Oh, man. I LOVE stories where the customer is bitching about the slave in another language, then the slaves smacks the down in that same language. Makes me wish I'd paid more attention in Spanish class!

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