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Must be Paula Deen's hometown.


I bake a lot. Five pounds is nothing when you're making several cakes and frosting.


Reminds me of eggs. Eggs are on a special for 99 cents? BUY 20 OF THEM. No joke. People check out with multiple carts of eggs. Not that I care, they're taking up fridge space, but what in the hell do people do with 1,000 eggs?


Bakeries or even other stores. We have people that come down from Canada and will buy like 20 jugs of milk at a time.


@ Hormonal Holly:

Leave them out for a week, then throw them at things.



One word for you: Preppers.

My future MIL and FIL are preppers, and butter's an easy prep: either freeze it hard (it'll last a few years) or melt and can it (it'll last years LONGER than freezing).

Nothing like going over there for dinner and seeing 30lbs of baking powder out to be divided and stored, 200lbs rice...oh yeah.


Really? You can melt and can butter and it lasts EVEN LONGER?? I can totally believe that this is a prepper or someone who is stockpiling. One of my New Years Resolutions was to start a food stockpile. I used to only keep enough food in the house for one week. That isn't going to cut it if a hurricane blows through here. (Well and also I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the zombie apocalypse.) Anyway, I started stockpiling food that I actually eat this year and what I found is that it actually frees up a good chunk of my weekly food budget, which I decided I would spend on higher quality food (organic stuff from the CSA mostly).

And yes you can feel a little self-conscious buying 8 boxes of LIFE cereal at a time (and basically leaving the shelf bare), but it totally pays off.


Man, that's one of the things that used to drive me nuts working at Wal-Mart. 2L Coke products and big bags of chips, 99cents each. So the owners of every convenience store within a 100kms or so would be coming to buy cartloads and completely wiping out the stock. Management decided that the number customer complaints over never finding the sale products was getting too annoying, so they instituted a limit (8 per customer per transaction), which they mostly sorta enforced when they were looking.

So the convenience store owners started bringing in their kids and sending each one through the checkout with the 8 items. Change the limit to '8 per family per day'? Start bringing in all your extended family to make the score.

I just got tired of having to heft bags and bags of 2-litre pop bottles every time I turned around. Like, I know the places that supply convenience stores overcharge the store owners ridiculously, so I understand why they were coming to Wal-Mart, but damn.


My stepmom keeps at least five lbs of butter in the house at all times. She freezes it. Given how much she cooks, I guess it's understandable, but when I open the freezer it always looks like she's preparing for the apocalypse.


@AmigaTech @HormonalHolly During Homecoming week one year, a local grocery store had a sign stating: No sales of eggs to anyone under 21.

I kinda wished they kept the sign up after Homecoming week just to see them bitch about needing ID to buy eggs.

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