Invasion of Hellspawn And The Hands Off Parent
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And then came along the Beavis and Butthead generation.

"Hey..... That looks cool. Let's try that....."

Ends up in the ER with various items shoved up their asses LOL

heavy melvanova

Yeah, back then, we just kinda KNEW not to stop s chainsaw with our hands ...


"Cape does not enable wearer to fly."


Each generation says this...and each generation is equally full of shit. Kids today just have different ways to do the same stupid shit that kids back when used to do.


Only this generation blames it on someone else. My kid does something wrong/doesn't get good grades? Blame it on the teacher. Hurt myself by using a product incorrectly? Blame the product/manufacturer. Grow up to be a drug dealer? Blame your upbringing.

Time to stop blaming everyone else and start looking at yourself. Only you can make you. Your parents can have an influence, but ultimately, you have your own mind in the end.

Bored at the Bookstore

Sometimes, I think it's because our parents pointed out such idiocy as Horrible Examples. Didn't ALL moms know someone who stood with their toes hanging over the curb and a passing car squished their feet? Or the guy who hung his arm out the car window and had it taken clean off by the passing semi? Or the kid who licked the frozen metal post? Or the joker who pulled a chair out from under a bride, causing her to break her back?

Or, in my personal life, the little girl (my aunt) who played with the wringer, got her hand caught, and had to have it amputated? Or the friend of my dad's who wore long sleeves working at the sawmill, caught his cuffs in the blade and lost both hands - and became a travelling workshoe salesman, tying laces with his hooks (I swear, he could lace up and tie workboots faster than a handed person!)?

The Horrible Examples in the first paragraph were - I hope - fictional. The ones in the second paragraph are absolutely true. The combination made me awfully cautious as a child!

Maybe we had less sense of invulnerability than kids now?

The Last Archimedean

In my case, I broke my wrist as a youngster and any sense of invincibility I had was gone.

My kids aren't to that stage yet but they're [usually] not horribly stupid.


I still have an old toaster that doesn't even have a "Caution: Hot Surface" warning label on it. Best toaster ever. I swear, the world would be a better place without lawsuits for using a product incorrectly or warning labels. Let the idiots die of stupidity and the gene pool gets some chlorine by natural selection.


Humor Me:
Close but no cigar.

It's not the current generation that's to blame - its our parents.
Every schoolkid, ever, has blamed their teachers for something. It's the parents who turn that into court cases.

I'm of the Beavis generation - I did no end of stupid things with toys (including breaking a milk tooth on one - my initial reaction was never "Let'ssue!".
Yeah, a lot of <25s have entitlement complexes, but look who's set the example that they should have that complex.

Our parents are to blame - but over the age of 10 that stops being an excuse for our behaviour.


Oh, and warning labels?
You can be blame a 79 year old woman in 1992 for that.

Stella Liebeck has a lot to answer for.

Larry Berry

OR we just couldn't get a hold of a rocket big enough to sit on. If we could have we may have tried that at home.


Stella was an idiot, but I blame the judge who didn't throw it out of court the moment she stood up. "What? Your coffee was *hot*? get the fuck out of my court and don't come back."

HE's the real enabler here. Fucking asshole.


"Since They've been censoring cartoons, have you noticed a lessened tendency in your children to solve their problems with dynamite?"

It's not just hot coffee, it was that she stuck it between her legs, in a moving car and was surprised that it spilled.

I grew up with lawn darts and chemistry sets that included chemicals that would make modern parents faint and modern lawyers' pupils to turn to dollar signs and require them to change their pants. We never hurt ourselves with the lawn darts because we weren't fucking stupid. We knew that heavy sharp things would hurt, and I personally felt that if you were dumb enough to hurt yourself with them, you DESERVED it.

The current culture of 'my child is a special snowflake and can't be restricted in anything it chooses to do because it might break his fragile psyche' is to blame. As well as 'we'll take any case' lawyers, for people whose first thought is 'Yay! I'll be rich' instead of "That was really stupid, maybe I shouldn't do it again" when they hurt themselves. Or 'hurt themselves' /airquotes.


You will find it is insurance copaies that force people to say "don't try this at home" or they won't get insurance.

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