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Customer: I don't care who you think you are.

It's GORDON MOTHERFUCKING RAMSAY! He knows who he is and he's better than you!


LOLOL If you don't enjoy the food at a restaurant that's fine. It's completely rude, however, to complain about it loudly. You just bother everyone else. Oh, and shut the hell up about your husband starving, the families who go hungry in America every single day can teach you a little something about starving.


DXKramer ~ I'm pretty sure his middle name actually is MOTHERFUCKING...or at least I wouldn't be surprised if it was. :)


Some people actually just want to complain. If you hate your food so much that you CAN'T eat it, instead of loudly bitching to the whole restaurant, wouldn't it make more sense to ask the waiter what can be done so you can get something you actually want to eat?


This guy has a bad rep; a lot of people diss him because he shouts & swears "all the time". Which he really doesn't. Confrontation makes good TV.

She was being obnoxious, and he was being incredibly polite; which she couldn't cope with, because she was looking for a fight. Before he spoke to her, he checked the food was actually OK; he then was asking her what was wrong with it, to which she had no answer other than "it was terrible, the worst food we've ever had".

Yup, she just wanted a fight - and didn't get one! (Though that "Sorry about the old bag" was a bit rude!)


looks like she wanted something for nothing, i've had a lot of customers do the same thing.
Balls award for him for standing up to the bitch though :)

Queer Geek

The old bag and her family sound like a piece of work. If they didn't like the food, they should have explained what the problem was with their meal and at that point management can comp their meal. However, after watching this clip, it sound like this lady just wasn't happy about anything. I've been to restaurants where the food wasn't all that great but I didn't hoot and holler about it. Simply, I would have paid for my meal, left and not have returned for repeat business. This is what she should've done.

If she thinks the restaurant's cooking was bad, I hate to think how her homecooking tastes like. I'm surprised that she hasn't given any of her relatives food poisoning.


I used to watch KN and caught up some of them online, but the constant yelling finally did me in. I just couldn't take that kind of tv drama. It reminded me too much of growing up.


It depends on which version of KN you're watching. The American version is MUCH heavier on the screaming than the British version. Judging from everyone else's accents, this is the American version, and in that case I'm really rather surprised at how mildly they showed him.

Ramsay really is a nice guy - kind of a hardass sometimes (or if we want to put it nicely - totally intimidating) but he does know his shit. If you watch some of his other shows that take place in Britain (The F Word in particular) he's much more pleasant. (Can't vouch for Hell's Kitchen, though. That's the only one I haven't seen.)


that lady and their family wanted their 15min on television, and were likely looking for confrontation.

i think 'the league' defines people like this lady perfectly as having 'garbage palette'.


I dont like seafood, but if Gordon Ramsey cooked me seafood. I'd eat! And if he's voucher for a new chef, then don't be a douche!

If you are sitting there, complaining about food while you're still shoving it into your mouth, there isn't actually anything wrong with it.

Retired from Hell

Completely unprofessional behavior on Ramsey's part. And typical of his egoism.

I didn't see the woman 'shoving [the food] in her mouth,' but having a few bites and then sending it back. But I agree with AlwaysBeNiceToTechSupport -- some people wouldn't know good food if they were drowning in it.


@Retired from Hell: That would me partially my fault. In the fuller episode, you can see that their plates were almost empty. I should have explained that.

Larry Berry

Love Ramsay. He is very particular and has high standards. So if there had been something wrong with the food that he sampled, he would have called them on it and apologized to the "lady" for it. You will also note that when he first goes into the restaurants, he samples the food and often has complaints. Yet he doesn't do so loudly and disruptively like this woman (or crusties like her), but will quietly tell the waitress "this tastes horrible" or "way too salty", or "too tough, it was obviously frozen". The yelling comes later when he's in back. And yeah, I've just started watching the British version on netflix, and he doesn't yell and curse anywhere near as much. One that I recall in particular, when he is getting on a waiter that is particularly bad, what would have been yelling and screaming in the American version, has Ramsay cracking jokes at the guy and actually getting on the floor to laugh. The yelling is exaggerated for American audiences, because that's what gets us. Of course he has a rather course tongue even in the British version, as they don't censor like we do, at one point he is instructing the cook on stuffing the chicken breasts and jokes "gently, gently. First you make love to her, then you F*** her". And just the way he said it had me rolling.


Gordon Ramsay is absolutely lovely. I don't often form impressions on TV personalities based on how they are on-screen: but my mother once had the fortune to run into him (albeit very briefly), and apparently, he was a genuinely nice and polite guy even though he was off-screen. Big kudos to him - I respect him a lot.

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