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Tax for people who cant math?

The Last Archimedean

I did the same thing once when tutoring my friends in math while I was a high schooler. I carried a sign in my pack:

$10 for 30 min

$25 for 1 hr

BEST RATE -- $45 for 90 min

[I didn't say for *whom* it was the best rate... *evil chuckle*]


Probably for a premium membership with special benefits. Like maybe a trainer/diet counselor, or could be used for more than one person.

Larry Berry

I don't think so. I think that if it included other benefits, it would at least say "$10/month or $199 for 18 month premium membership" or something rather than just "$10/month OR $199 for 18 months" without referencing any other differences.


I assume that they reserve the right to raise the rates at any time with minimal notice. The $199 for 18 months would protect you from such increases (assuming that such an increase was large enough or soon enough) for the duration of the deal.


I've seen this before and I believe the consensus was that with the monthly rate there is a singing fee that raises that total over the $199 mark however that fee is waved when doing the multi-month deal.


It actually isn't a bad deal 10 a month for 18 months would be 180 then you have the yearly membership fee of 29. If the yearly membership isn't included in that price then yeah they are trying to get one over on the less mathematicly inclined.

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