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Two Tales: The Rude Ass Custy And The Sweet, Sweet Revenge

Carolanne arghHey everyone,

Banja with two quick stories. The first takes place as a customer comes through my line with a large bag of dog food. She lifts it out of her cart and asks "Do you want me to slide it over the scanner?"

I smile and tell her sure, and she does so.

She goes to lift the bag back into her cart, so I put my hands on the bag to help her get if off the counter, and she asks "Are you pregnant?"


I looked her in the eye, and said "No."

...she got really quiet for the rest of the transaction.

RHU, I'm 5'3" and about 154, but I've been trying to lose weight and that really stung. I don't think I look even moderately pregnant...(*sigh*)


Carolanne smileThe other story needs a little explanation. There's a new girl at my store who is ALWAYS whining to go home early, no matter what shift she works or how short it is. On this particular day, she came in at 11, was scheduled to go home at 7, and spent the whole day whining about it because two of her friends had plans after work and she was being 'left out' because she was 'stuck' there.

So she complained to the manager at 2, asking if she could leave early, and the manager told her she'd have to ask the closing manager that night.

Five minutes later, the owner comes out of the office, strolls up to the whiner, and says, "Hey, thanks for offering to stay until nine tonight! I really appreciate the help, you know!"

The look on her face was PRICELESS. Her face scrunched up and she let out this mournful "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!"

I don't know if the owner heard her whining and just decided to have some fun or what, but it cracked me up. So maybe it's not nice to laugh at my fellow retail workers, but after a full day of hearing her complaints, it cheered me slightly. My only disappointment was that she didn't actually have to stay. He was just messing with her. 

May all your coworkers finish their shifts when possible,




I had someone ask me if I was pregnant the other day (I'm 7 months, so it's kind of obvious.) HE then proceeded to tell me about the miracle of childbirth, and how he loved to watch it, and was planning on having another kid just so that he could watch the birth. Opposite problem. Equally as awkward. (also, you're not big! Don't even worry about it. I'm 5'4" and was 145 pre-pregnancy.)


Girl, you are not big in the slightest. I'm 5'5" and just managed to lose 30lbs to get to your weight (ish. It's 156 right now, so I'm gonna assume that makes up for the height difference). If my mirror's lovely complements are anything to go by, that lady needs to get her eyes checked. Even when I was 186, I looked nowhere near pregnant.

TL:DR Her bad. You're pretty.


You almost owed me a new screen... I nearly spat my soda over it when the whiner got voluntold.

Queer Geek

The pregnancy party foul happens alot with customers who tend to say the wrong thing. I would let the comment fall off you like water off a duck's back.

As for the whiner, personally the owner should talk to her and give her the 411 about what it is to be employed. If that doesn't work, I'm sure there are a million others who love to take her place.

Book Diver

I had a guy ask me if I was pregnant a few weeks ago, just because I was wearing a looser shirt.


I have a little pot-belly, especially after lunch. People assume it's a baby. I don't even miss a beat anymore, I just say, "Nope, it's just fat!" as cheerfully as possible and sit back to watch them squirm.


A coworker asked me a few months ago if I were pregnant, too. I had just begun my weightloss journey so I was very self-conscious (I was about three or four pounds down, now I'm seventeen pounds down) and replied that I was not. I'm her boss, so I really can't berate her like I wanted to, but I did remind her that it's not a very polite thing to ask someone, even if they are obviously pregnant. Her response? "Well you look like I did when I was pregnant." Yeah, that fucking helps. I just walked away because I honestly couldn't think of what else to say.

I love the second story. The owner sounds awesome!

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

I occasionally get asked. I just say "Yep, it's a food baby!"


"No, I'm not pregnant. I just ate the baby." *creepy grin*


it was probably not so much a comment about your weight, as it was about maybe your outfit (empire waist-ed stuff can invoke innocent curiosity) and your skin's glow.

or you may have reminded her of a relative/friend that's also pregnant, so she just was in that mindset.

some people just do not have verbal filters. lol


You guys are cracking me up, and making me think! I'm not too upset about it anymore (though I am working harder on toning my stomach =P), but it makes sense that it might have been a comment on my outfit. Our uniform shirts fit baggy on pretty much EVERYONE (no sizing chart made me guess larger than normal), and our aprons certainly don't help. I can sort of understand where it came from, but it still floored me at first.

As for the whiner, I feel that eventually her complaints will get back to people, and maybe she won't be scheduled as much. I don't work with her too much, so it's not an issue for me as much.



(From a post titled 'Weight does not define beauty')

Bones are for the dog. Meat is for the man. :D

The Kid

Can't stand the whiners!!
I had a guy at my last job who complained about every little thing. It was like we actually expected him to WORK or something! Outrageous!
(yet he didn't complain about the paycheck)

So happy I had a manager who didn't take any of his crap, but it was still so fucking irritating to listen to him all day. Just shut up.

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