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A Power Outage Brings A Crusty To The Mall

KarebearIn September, we experienced the opposite of productive. Earlier in the morning, the power at work went out. Not to just us, but about 95% of the town I work in. (We first thought it was just us at first, but we have 4 other stores in our strip and none of them had power.) I was standing outside like a derp smoking a cig with the girls from the hair salon next to us. Tank was on the phone trying to get a hold of the power peoples, as well as the worker at the sandwich shop that's on the end of our strip. (4th store has no one in it because the old clothing store went out of business from lack of business.)

Apparently half the town was on the phone with the power peoples as well because Tank was on hold for the longest. But the sandwich shop worker (SS from here on out) managed to talk to a human being. Apparently there was a car crash somewhere in the town with a semi involved. Semi managed to roll over and pull down a power line or something in the process. (Not really sure, I didn't follow the convo too well because one of the hair salon girls was showing off pictures of her baby.) But it was going to be a 2+ hour process to get the power back.

Since our store is on the corner, we have a lot of windows that gives natural light. So we were able to do some basic file work until we realized half the files still needed to be printed. We were done in about 20 minutes with that and sat and twiddled our thumbs. We decided to sit outside and people/car watch for something to do.

Hair salon must of had appointments during the day, but with no power they can't really do much. Cut hair, sure, if you don't mind it being in the dark. But you surely can't get it styled and blow dried without power. And since there was no power, the girls couldn't get the phone numbers off the computer to call the appointments to call.

Carolanne arghMost of the women were understanding; they didn't have power at their house either, but just came to see just in case. One woman though was flipping shit over it. Apparently her hair HAD to be done RIGHT THEN AND THERE. One of the girls offered to cut it, in the dark. (They only have one window, not as bright.) But the lady wasn't having it and threatened to never come back there again.

Hair salon girl whispered to me saying 'Thank heavens. She doesn't even tip and bitches about everything.'

SS came out around 10:30am saying he was worried about his food going bad. (Lots of deli meat and such.) By then the power had already been out for about a hour. He offered us free sandwiches and drinks and chips and...basically free lunch. He said he couldn't open properly without power. Plus, him and Tank go way back. Guess Tank hooked him up with a major discount on an alarm system. (Tank gets a lot of free/discounted sammichs.)

So we all had a picnic outside on SS's patio. Afterwards, Tank called the power people and was told it could take up to another 2 hours. By then we were all like screw it, let's just take the day off now. ...Even though both Tank and I are taking the day off tomorrow to go car shopping.

Even though it was a bad day for working, it was still fun shooting the shit with the others. And that lady had us cracking up for awhile after she left. 




its usually good to get to know your neighbors anyway. :)


Why does a power-outage bring out the bitchiness in people? I can understand how sandwich guy could be upset about losing stock (he should have insurance for such things), but hair-hacking bitch needed to get over it. Damn. I suppose she would have died before cell phones too.

Queer "Don't Believe the Hype" Geek

This reminds me of the great city blackout of last year. Before I was laid off from Big Fancy, my city was hit with a tremendous power outage. Apparently public utilties is on a regional grid that we share with another state. An utilities worker made a grave error and accidentally shut off the wrong button that powered our part of the city (which covers almost the entire southern state area). We were without power for almost a full day.

You'd be surprised at the some of the stupidity of people who wanted to shop at stores and local businesses who had no power to operate. For some, it became one big party where people got to know their neighbors. Yup, good times.

As for the employee, last I heard, he for sure got terminated and was facing criminal charges but I don't know what happened to him since.


@QG: That reminds me of another story. Years ago, when I was still living with my ex, our town's power got knocked out on the hottest day of the year. It was out for more than half the day, so people were driven outside in hopes of some semi little breeze. Those who had a car took off to the mall in a different town, but at that time my ex and I didn't own a (working) car.

Luckily, my oldest was still on formula so I didn't have to worry about milk spoiling, but some of our neighbors had milk drinking toddlers.

Well, we decided to go for a walk down town, seeing if we could score some ice cream from the ice cream truck or something. In that town, there was a local theater that put plays on each weekend. It was a Sunday so they had an early showing, but without lights or sound, it obviously wasn't going to happen. We watched little old ladies and men flipping shit because their play was canceled (I think at the time it may have been a bigger name play like Cinderella or something Shakespeare.) We saw people throwing fits in the Dairy Queen parking lot. It was madness.

Power came back on around dinnertime. For some reason people thought places would be magically stocked for dinner. Local fast food joints were flooded with angry people cause their food spoiled so they couldn't make dinner. They didn't stop to think that these places were in the same boat as them.


We had power outages at Awful Waffle a good bit. I remember one time, we were sitting outside in front of the pitch black restaurant in the middle of a pitch black town at night and smoking. This man drives up, looks at us, looks at the building, then back at us and goes "Y'all's power out?"

I said "No, sir. We just saw that the rest of the town was out and felt kind of lonely."

The man realized what he had asked, laughed, and drove off.

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