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Pervert custyIt's Canadia eh, yet again reading through RHU I have come across a story that has reminded me yet again of what I went through working at Popular Canadian Coffee Chain. I don't open up about this to many people, but it needs to be put out there that this happens, and for you to be on your guard with creepy custy's or anyone in that's 30 years+ older than you.

I had been working at P.C.C.C for 10 months; still a student, my shifts were all over the place, and so I met customers at many different times. This guy came in regularly about twice a day and would have a strict order but once I was able to have him ready before he even came up to the counter we became friends, strictly customer/cashier relationship. I was 16 and he was in his 50's. We always had a good laugh, and he was one of my favorite customers.

The full appearance of this guy was maybe 5'8, kind of a trucker look with a thin blondish pony tail, trimmed beard, glasses and he almost nearly came in with a ball cap and white shirt on. You could always pick this guy out in a crowd.

The first warning was he handed me his phone number and said; "It'd be nice to talk to you outside of work."

I've seen people my age hang with an assortment of age groups, but that's not my scene, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I told a coworker about it who said to throw it out which I had already done and told my mom about it. Since I didn't call I thought he would take a hint that it wasn't happening.

The 2nd warning was it was January 25th, 2007. I was dating my second boyfriend and just gotten out of a relationship with a guy who didn't really like any physical touching so when I got my first kiss I came into work with a big smile on my face. He asked me about why I looked so happy so I told him I had my first kiss that day. I didn't think anything of it. Something happy happened in my life, he was a regular and asked, I didn't care if he knew.

Creepy custyThen he turned around and said; "Wow, can I be next?"

Again there was that uncomfortable feeling. But I didn't let it get me down.

FAST FORWARD I think it was August 6th, 2007. I had just finished a 11AM-7PM shift. After the last creepy encounter I've noticed he had been staring at me while he drank his coffee in the corner there. I brushed it off usually because I thought maybe he was staring to keep himself busy. The guy had no paper or anything to do except drink his coffee and go. I finished my shift and walked out the door, past him and started walking home. He watched me walk out, and I got halfway home. By now I had his car memorized and I just happened to turn around over my shoulder and look behind me, and there he was. He watched me as he drove past in his car. I've never seen him along this route so I was on alert but thought I was being crazy.

I got to a street fully immersed in my music and went to cross. I looked up to make sure there were no cars, and there was a white car, his car, with him in it. He had pulled up right when I was going to cross. This was fishy for me so I tried to come up with a logical answer, there were no shops, I had seen him go past me already not even 10 minutes so visiting a friend for such a short time was unlikely. This little intersection was literally at the end of my street.

"Where are you going?"

"To the mall." I lied.

"Would you like a ride?"

(Oh my god he did not just say that. By now I'm halfway across the street.) "Nah I'm ok haha, I need the exercise after work."

After that he sped off towards the mall, I ducked in behind the small strip of stores at the end of my street (I later found out my dad was in the next parking lot over) and speed walked home constantly looking over my shoulder. There was a full police investigation, and I found out his apartment was in the opposite direction of the mall.

I got no sleep that night, he knew my route home was replayed over and over in my head. Know the signs before something like this happens to you. If the supervisor that handled this perfectly is reading this, I know it probably long overdue but thank you for everything that you did that night.




omg Im just glad he didnt do anything else! I say if you walk, keep a can of mace and a small knife on you. Hopefully he wont bother you again.


The story did have a happy ending, he was banned from the store, although once he tried to have his friends at the store bring him coffee in the next parking lot. He didn't come back even after the ban was lifted after a year. No problems at all from this guy.


At least the police investigated this. I had a guy try to pull me into a car as I walked to work one day. Scared to death, I ran less than a mile to work and called the cops from there. They basically told me I was a liar since I didn't call right away. Glad you are ok and that nothing happened with this guy! People are crazy!


I am so very glad I have a car so that I don't have to walk home at 11:30 at night. I'm sure everyone has heard about the girl in Michigan that got abducted from her gas station job. That was about 30 minutes from where I live. Ever since, I have been on the lookout for suspicious acting custies. I am so happy that you were able to take control of the situation before he escalated his stalking. Everyone on here needs a reminder every now and then that some creepers cross the line into outright stalking. Please, everyone, remember that your personal safety is more important than any customer or job.


We used to have this guy come in our store and buy all the girls stuff to eat. Then he started asking us if we wanted to go boating. Um, no thanks!


@Headant Holy shit that may be the creepiest thing I've heard yet.

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