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Even without the sticker that's looks a little weird. Are those eardrops for mice?


Surprisingly apropos.

The main ingredient in ear drops is often urea, which is distilled cow pee. (Note: I'm thinking of ear drops for earache, not for removing wax as shown in this picture.) Like many current medical treatments, this originated in an old treatment used by aboriginals and farmer since zillions of years ago. No, not cow's pee -- your own. Urine contains ammonia, which is a disinfectant, and your own body fluids are sterile to you. Pee in a cup, then pour a bit of it in your ear. But this 'homemade' treatment has been replaced by the corporate pharmaceutical version because modern taboos state that one's bodily fluids are gross and disgusting whereas medications derived from other animals' bodily fluids are somehow acceptable.

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