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RHUer With a Question: Am I Being A Coworker From Hell?


Larry Berry

I wonder if they mean that there are limited quantities of the unlimited plans that they will sell. It's not clear or coherent the way they phrased it though, if that's the case.

It does remind me of a situation I had with a website domain hosting. I signed up for a shared hosting plan that was listed with "unlimited" space. Some time into it, they notified me that I (my website) was using "too much space" and would need to switch to one of their other packages. If it's unlimited, then how can one use "too much"? If I am using too much, then clearly there has to be a limit below that, in order to exceed it.

Despite this reasoning back and forth, I couldn't get them to even understand what I was saying. The emails consisted of "But it's unlimited" "Yes, but you're using too much". (It wasn't even a large store at the time).


'Quantity limited' looks to me more like 'limited number of slots in class', rather than 'limited amount of yoga'. Unlimited yoga, for a limited number of people.

And re the limited-unlimited: I've heard that before... It's all you want as long as it's not too much.

Cosmetics Hellhound

I ended up asking it's more "once a day as long as class isn't full," which still isn't unlimited because what if someone wanted to go multiple times...
Haha,I feel bad for them though every time I pass by the store is barren with the owner on Facebook the window lol


Yeah Comcast has that unlimited thing with their internet except they throttle your speed after a certain number of gigabytes of data transferred.

Jason Thorn

Cox Communications does the same thing. I've gotten emails about my "extreme usage" (I have Netflix and watch it often on my computer, and play a few MMOs).

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