8 Customers Everyone Hates
Compactor Hell Caused By Asshat Manager And Useless Coworkers


The Last Archimedean

That is just cause for 4 flat tires all with holes in the sidewall, a full keying all the way around... twice, and several handfuls of sand in the gas tank.

It's bad enough when these jackasses take two spots, but I've NEVER seen three before.


It's cause for 4 flat tires, keyed all the way around twice (or 3 times), 10 handfuls of sand and a 5 pound bag of sugar in the gas tank, and glitter down the windshield air vents.

I've actually seen 6 taken before. Asshat parked on the center line for 3 spots. I called 6 friends who had small cars and we blocked him in, then called the cops.

Book Baby

Unless the truck is broken down there is NO reason to park like this. That is not a particularly nice truck and the driver is obviously a jerk.

I have a car that is 7 years old that looks and drives like new. I would NEVER, ever think to park my beautiful baby like this.


I've actually had to park similar to this. I drive a service truck that is 21 feet long (it's a pickup truck, but a crew-cab, service body, ladder rack, etc.). One of the places I have to visit regularly has parking spaces 15 feet long: I can get the truck turned into and perfectly centered in the space, but then I've got six feet of metal (eight feet wide) sticking out into the driving lane. Is that better or worse than taking multiple spaces?

The photo here looks more like an asshat driver, but without being able to see what's behind the camera (e.g., obstacles to backing a larger truck), it's hard to judge.

NC Tony

What TLA and Madrias said, plus a note, written preferably in permanent marker on the windshield "YOU SIR, ARE A DOUCHEBAG!"


Tell the business owner: yes. Encourage them to tow the truck: yes. Maybe block it in with your own car: sure.

But vandalism? Really? What are you guys, twelve? That's -never- acceptable.

Larry Berry

I see it more as he left 3 half parking spaces. As in I would park (pulling in the correct way) right up to his door. Then another car can park up to his front tire, and another can park behind him.

Andy DuFresne

Sometimes when out and about while pulling a trailer, I'll take up several spaces, but at least I'm considerate enough to park out in BFE. I agree, this guy is just an asshat.


I've read that mothballs in the gas tank dissolve, and leave no trace . also read about putting a cork in the tank--as it bobs around it stops up vital parts, then loosens, making the car run ok, until it happens again (driving you and your mechanic nuts)


Using the grass behind the truck as a reference point, the spaces probably aren't long enough for the driver to park it normally. My boyfriend has an extended cab and some older parking lots (especially the ones in our rural area) do not have spaces long enough to accommodate his truck. Giving the benefit of the doubt because we've been there. Not always polite, but better than blocking the traffic lane of the parking lot.

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