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Jason Rock OnJAH here - been awhile since I posted anything - but just had a good experience and figured I aught to share and give kudos.

About two years ago, I bought a new house from a builder. Included in that was a Splendor shower stall with sliding doors. The other day, while trying to clean up an ink spill from cheap knock-off ink cartridges for a Canon printer (maybe should have paid full price on that one!), I leaned a little too hard on the door's towel rack and snapped the fastener.

I checked Splendor's website for information on ordering replacements but didn't have much luck. I'm sure it's under warranty but I didn't have the details with me so I called their sales number just to see if it was possible to order replacement parts in the first place. Besides, I didn't see a need to go through the warranty process since I can't imagine it'd be more than a couple of bucks to replace them.

The sales rep on the phone happily took my home address and said he'd mail out a set of four to replace the one I broke for no charge. And no proof of any kind that I own these doors. Not, I suspect, that there are rogue bands of shower door towel rack fastener thieves on the loose in America... but it's still good, and surprising, customer service.

So just wanted to drop some kudos for good customer service in case anyone is in the market for shower doors (and, really, aren't we all?).



Gabby Silver

Ah the power of saying please and thank you. This reminds me of the story of how I put a stop to the rumors that I was getting special treatment at work because I was sleeping with somebody.
Because there really isn't any way that I could be sleeping with the person on the other end of the phone.

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