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What Would You Do? - Transgender Woman Insulted

The show What Would You Do? stages scenarios to see how the public responds to them. In this episode, WWYD? shows that the world is changing for the better toward the LGBT community. Although this scenario is scripted on the part of the actors, things like this go on daily to real retail slaves. I salute the kind custys who stand up for this lovely lady!


Retired from Hell

Absolutely awesome! I don't understand the need to change genders, but damn! If it's that important to a person, they should do it. I've only known two transgendered persons, and one of them was my maid of honor.


I always enjoy watching WWYD, and I had seen this one. I hate conflict so it always really impresses me to see people get up in people's faces when they're being assholes! You go, random people!


@Retired from Hell - We don't change genders. We change our bodies to fit our gender. And, for what it's worth, we don't really understand it either.

Queer "If You Can Love Yourself, How the Hell are You Gonna Love Somebody Else?" Geek

It's Carmen Carrera from RuPaul's Drag Race! I was shocked to find out that she was transgendered! Good for her!


Wow this kind of confirms what I've always suspected. That the majority of people are fine with people being themselves and it's just a vocal minority that causes all the fuss.

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