Canadia Shares Stories About Custys, Fortunately Not All Bad
Shoe Signage With Statler and Waldorf



As someone who works in a coffee shop, as my name shows, seriously LOL! Though I personally don't care how you pronounce it, as long as you you tipping is not a city in China.
LOVE the triple espresso one. I'm the iced coffee one, but iced mocha instead. :)


I'm a Macchiato sorta girl myself.

The Last Archimedean

I don't drink coffee, or anything caffeinated. What does THAT say about me? :)


I'm more of an espresso con panna or espresso and cream kind of girl.


Everything but the last one. There is no letter "X" in the Italian alphabet!

Lord of the Potatoes

What about tea drinkers?

Bored at the Bookstore

Or decaf-by-necessity?


Well that's mostly true except I don't really claim to love coffee. I actually admit I largely hate coffee unless it's done up like ice cream. *frappuccino lover here!*


@TLA maybe you dont like caffein because caffein use wasnt in ancient greek?
When humanity start using caffeine?

I tend to say caffeine is my fuel but i´m prefer pepsi max

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