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Coworker Hell At Fast Food Restaurant Is Getting To Be Too Much

Jason friesHey guys, it's FrySlave again, you can call me Burger Boy or Fry Slave or whatever the fuck you want.

Still working at the same old place, and compared to what a lot of you guys post, my problems are slightly more insignificant. However, it's starting to piss me the fuck off.

I started my job as a cook in February, one month after my birthday. So, a month or two pass with me working about 2-3 days a week from 5 PM to 8-9 PM. A few hours a week. Usually eight. That changed, really fast. Within the last three weeks, we had Douche Manager, or, DM quit. While he was the one who got me the job, he was a complete dick with no regard for fucking health or safety. I have semi-long black hair that I keep in a pony-tail and under a hat. He had long brown hair, no pony tail, or hat. If any cleaning had to be done, it fell onto us to do it.

He'd tell us what to do and yell at us if we weren't doing it right. While I realize that a Manager is important, this guy was not. Not in the slightest.

Moving on to DFC, AKA Dumb Fucking Cook. This moron, I swear to god, I am so glad he was fired. Back when I was working short hours, three weeks ago, I'd come in early, like I always do so I can get a head start on prep work, since day shift doesn't do jack shit for prep anymore, I'd end up spending half an hour to an hour cleaning the entire fucking kitchen after this prick worked.

Bags everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Behind the grill, vats, in the fucking dressing station and fry dumps. We had raw thawed popcorn chicken on the floors. The dressing station was trashed. Lettuce and onion and pickles everywhere, which is a big no-no by the way. I'm OCD, so leaving a mess like this reallly reaaaaaaaaaallyyy pissed me the fuck off.

I'd take everything out and throw it away. I can't serve that anymore, as some people are allergic to certain produce. He then proceeded to call my favorite manager a c**t. Which, honestly is bullshit. I get there one day, go into the kitchen to survey the damage. Wasn't too bad, a few bags here and there, the usual. Oh, was I wrong. I get to the bun toaster and the bun toaster station. And what do I see? Lettuce and onion, which happens even for me and I can admit that, but I do clean it off.

That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the dead fucking bugs on the goddamned table. It was shitty.

He was fired for a no call no show last week.

Moving on to fucktard of a cook. Or FTC. This guy, got a job at the country club in town.

He'll be fired within two months. Whenever I worked with him, and we'd get five or so small orders. Not big ones. Small ones containing usually a burger or two and a fry or tots. I'd hear "FUCK THESE CUSTOMERS THEY CAN GO THE FUCK TO MCHELLS". It irritated me.

When he got his job at the country club, I was quite happy. It meant more hours for me, and I wouldn't have to put up with him anymore.

Well, the night shift fell onto me and my friend Baker, we ran the kitchen smooth. He'd close.

One day, FTC came in, being his birthday we all said happy birthday and shit like that.

He drew a penis on the walk-in freezer. Grabbed a thing of syrup and poured it on our box of bacon as we had bacon cooking because we needed some, and left. Fired last week as well for the same thing as DFC.

Baker was kicked out of his house last week, and had to move an hour or so away. He no longer works there, and closings have fallen onto me.

Skullies grrI am sixteen, and I'm supposed to be part time. I was happy with getting 8-9 hours a week, happier with 10-15. Now I work anywhere between 36-40 a week. I'm usually alone in the kitchen, especially at 8:00 PM.

Our dinner rush was at six at one point in time, then we had a promo start for half-off shakes at 8:00. Now, me being me, figured it couldn't be too bad. I had so many orders, there were some orders off of the screen. This is what I deal with every night.

However, I do my job, and I do it right. The latest I have ever had an order go out was ten minutes.

Those are the fuckwads I've had to deal with. I'm now closing cook, and honestly I get pissed off more and more and more each time I go in. I haven't yelled at anyone, I usually don't. I'm calm and collected, but things better fucking change or I'm going to go to the GM.

I have someone who's a complete bitch working nights now. This isn't a first impression, and I wish it was, but I've known this girl for a few years. She's a bitch, and she knows it.

I have a co-worker who claims I owe him $150 for a snake I said I couldn't get with him.

The only good parts of my day is when one of my favorite workers, we'll call her Sally, on account of her Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo.

She'll come in, and we'll work. She's as dorky as I am, and I love it.

That's all I have to rant about today RHU, I hope you guys are having better days, and I hope my days get better soon.

--Fry Slave/Burger Boy.


Retired from Hell

FrySlave, this is wrong on so many levels! If I'm not mistaken it's against the law to make a high school student work that many hours or past 10 p.m., or for an underage employee to work alone & unsupervised. Also, unless you have a food handler's permit (health department rules)no one can work in a kitchen that serves food to the public without supervision by someone who does have a permit. You need to get out of there.


It does sound pretty shady how this shit's going down. Retired from Hell has a good point. It might be time to look for other work.


I can't speak to FrySlave's state/province, but in Michigan those hours are definitely illegal (cap of 48 hours, work hours and school instructional hours combined, IIRC).

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