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Hoarders And Hellspawn; Mouth Germs And Other Gross Crap



Wait! The HAVE these?? Not at the one near me. I love the idea though.


I love how it says "please do not remove from store" on the side of the basket, I bet that they are a high-theft item, since they're so clever.

Trucker Bitch

We have these kind of baskets in some of the liquor stores near my house. Very helpful with small but heavy things like liquor or wine bottles.


I don't really see the point, but hey whatever floats their boat.


I ran into these at our Walgreens and I was so confused by it I put it back and grabbed a regular basket. I thought they could be used as a hand basket as well, but I guess they are only a rolly sort of basket? No wonder I was confused.

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