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Custy Too Lazy To Say The Name Of The Movie

Movie theatre hellJust Jess here. Stapled's Blurt rant reminded me of good ole times when I was working at the second run movie theatre. We would get people who would come in and just say the first word of the movie. Now I can understand if you come in wanting to see Harry Potter and the whateverthehellwhichone and only saying Harry Potter. But come on... If you are going to see Toy Story don't just say toy. Also, tell me how many!

While that's annoying, it's not as bad as the one syllable word. I was unfortunately not there for this gem of a story, but my Awesome Coworker told me all about the Lazy Douchebag. BTW this happened in 2007

Awesome Coworker: Would movie would you like to see?

Lazy Douchebag: Bee

Awesome Coworker: Bee Movie?

Lazy Douchebag: No Bee

Awesome Coworker: Bee Movie?

Lazy Douchebag: NO! Bee!

Awesome Coworker: *utterly confused* Bee... Movie...?

Lazy Douchebag: NO!!!!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Awesome Coworker: Beowulf?

Lazy Douchebag: YES!

Ok assfuck. We would totally know that bee is totally Beowulf and not Bee Movie, which were both playing!

Stay strong everybody!

--Just Jess



Probably couldn't pronounce Beowulf...or read, which would explain why he didn't know how to say "Beowulf"

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