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Custy Wants Her Smokes, But Doesn't Know Which Box Is The One

TerahI had a woman come into the store the other night and wanted a brand of cigarettes that I rarely sell. They’re gaining popularity in the area, but the problem is the whole issue of how strong they are.

Back story for those of you lucky enough to not understand cigarettes: They are no longer called ‘Full Flavor’ ‘Light’ ‘Medium’ or ‘Ultra-Light’. They now are called by the color of the carton. Example: Grand Prix Ultra-Light come in an orange package, and as such, are called ‘Grand Prix Orange’.

Problem with the brand she wanted was, we hardly sold them before this change happened. We don’t know which color is the full flavor, which is what she wanted. She wanted full flavor. I asked her if she knew the color to get, and she didn’t.

I showed her several packages that could have been the full flavor and she said no to each of them, it couldn’t be what she was looking for.

She finally gets pissed and starts screaming about how she hates that we don’t just call them full flavors and the like anymore, personally blaming the store for this change. I tried to explain to her that it’s an across the board thing. Our store did not make the change to it, and unfortunately, it would be like this anywhere else.

I mentioned that I had been told that it was a government thing, and when I said that, she just stopped and stared at me as though she weren’t sure if she should run or not.

Cunt: And was this the time they put the receivers in your teeth?

Terah: …what?

Cunt: *Scoffs* Do you take medication?

Terah: Uh… no?

Cunt: Well you NEED to!

I quickly realized this bitch thought I was actually insane! I just smiled and sold her the ones I knew for a fact to be the Ultra-Light and told her to have a wonderful evening.

Chatty, my new coworker, looked at me when the door closed, having heard the entire exchange. I just looked down at my register.

Terah: Oh. Dear. I believe I have given that upstanding and WONDERFUL person the wrong cigarettes. And look. I’ve “forgotten” to give her a receipt. Now she’ll be unable to exchange them for the correct item. I guess I should go take my meds.

--Terah The Gas Slave



Don't forget your tinfoil hat!! Got to keep the mind control rays from taking hold.

At least I'm not the only one who gets the nut jobs. I swear it rains and they all come crawling out from their holes. Then head for my store.

The Last Archimedean

If this lunatic wanted her smokes that badly, you'd think she would know what color to get.


The government regulating the way cigarettes are sold? CRAZY TALK.


I hate when people tell me 'you need medication' Why? Just because my opinion may differ from yours or you think you're a self entitled bitch? That's no reason to be offensive towards someone else.


*slow claps*

That was awesome Terah.

NC Tony

Terah, I tip my hat to you... if I had one.

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