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Disturbing Thought About Fast Food Buildings

Come to think about it, neither have I. Oh sure, there's an abandoned one within easy driving distance. It has been stripped to the walls and boarded up... but I don't recall ever seeing it being built in the first place... and it was only in the location for 5 years.



I have, when I lived in Slaton, TX. Granted it went up QUICK but I did see the construction.


They replaced the really janky McDonalds near me with a nice(r) one right next door. They built it in about a month along with the 7/11 and the Fedex store that share the building.

Norm de Guerre

I did once. No signs of what it was to be. When they finished I was so disappointed and then got myself a Whopper.

Arch Guy

I've seen a Burger King being built. Went up fairly quickly too.


I'd assume that's just because they put the logos up last...


I've only ever seen an empty Wendy's. It sat for months, then slowly acquired some new siding. Overnight, it became a local burger franchise.

Sadie the Cleaning Lady

I watched a Maccas go up. I swear it was an Ikea flat-pack building though


I've seen one appear overnight in another city... Work's done pretty fast if they're paid by the job and not by the hour, it would seem.


When I was in high school, there was a McDonalds maybe a 10 minute walk away, that was under construction for at least a year, maybe longer. I graduated four years ago, don't really remember exactly how long it took... I think it was done by my 10th grade though.


I have but they do tend to be constructed very quickly.

One McDonald's near a place I worked in high school was knocked down and rebuilt in a matter of 4 weeks.


Depending on where they're built they use really cheap materials and have contracts for all of them. Not to mention they have designs already laid out. Basically since they make so many of them in every state they can skip a lot of the points that other jobs get stuck on from experience.


Burger King & one of the McDonald's was torn down and rebuilt. The other McDonald's was remodeled, but not rebuilt.

Taco Johns remodeled adding on more roof and an extended eating area.

Taco Bell used to be next to Burger King (No joke). They have since moved out near Menards. Their old building was used for Papa Johns. Not sure if they still that building today.

Little Caeser's took over an old casino building. Their previous place from years back is now a car dealer lot.

One of the Subways moved into an old pet store after remodeling it. Yes, they needed the extra space the pet store had at the time.

Godfather's closed after almost 20 years, their building was torn down and an office building went up. 2nd Subway moved into the main floor, moved from a previous location.

Godfather's later returned as a pickup/carry out place next to a gas station, which used to have a couple garages for washing your car in.

Pizza Hut closed both of their locations and moved out by the Lakewood Mall and built a new building. Their old buildings was remodeled to remove the Pizza Hut design. One of them became another fast food place, the other is a flower shop.

Wendy's added on additional seating, but the building hasn't changed much.

Steak & Buffet closed and the building was used for a pawn shop (in the back), audiologist (in the front on the right).

RG's Family restaurant became IHOP and remodeled.

Aunt Chilota's closed down after so many years, the lot is now used by a small coffee shop. Located next to a gas station, that was remodeled since they no longer worked on cars.

Maverick's built a new building next to Target. Their old building is currently being remodeled for another food place.

Hong Kong restaurant was closed for reasons unknown, but has since been remodeled as an Asian food place. Some employees went to work at Stir Fry 88 out at the mall.

Hardee's became Carl's Jr. Building wasn't remodeled.

KFC moved out by Menards and became KFC/Long John Silvers. Their old location was remodeled into a non food place.

Thatzza Pizza stayed in the same 2 locations for years and they haven't remodeled either.

3rd Subway moved to the mall replacing Grandma's Deli, which had closed down months prior.

4th Subway is at Walmart. 5th and final Subway is on Hwy 281.

Starbucks is inside Target, replacing an older eatery.

You could guess how long it took to remodel, but who cares?


Arby's was located near Shopko for years. A school was torn down (long story), part of the lot was used for Arby's new location. Their old building was remodeled into a car dealership. Pity that they could've had 2 Arby's here.

The other part of the lot had a different building put up, which had Movie Gallery, that closed down later on.


That's like the Starshmucks that went up next to my doctor's office.


We got a new Chik-fil-A recently that I watched being built. But more importantly they tore down the Payless and are building what we think (and HOPE) is a Chipotle. They need to hurry that shit up. This town needs a Chipotle.


I thought they just dropped them from the sky using bigass parachutes.


I know of one McDonalds in my area that I actually saw being built, although I don't remember how long it took. Most of the other McD's have been around for 10+ years. So maybe we should be concerned not that McD's seem to "show up", but that they never leave!


McDs corporate pays franchises to stay open during construction. Btw, mine is being fully renovated while being open.

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