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Piggy N.A.T.S. Go On Rampage

PiggiesCanadia here eh, I know I posted a few days ago about NATS and Piggies. But I've finally seen the effects of them. I swear to god my Piggies are on steroids. I was tasked today to sort out items that customers didn't want. No problem; by the end of it all I had an entire shopping cart of stuff I had to put into our system as waste because either the NATS couldn't get through the packaging or the piggies just pulled it off the rack, tearing the little hole that attaches the product to it or the actual packaging. Canada today is coming up so my Piggy decided to tear all the packaging to our glow sticks and kindly put them on top of the rack.

Hello! Common sense? If you can't figure out how the rack that hangs up our products work you shouldn't be alone in public! This Piggy not only did it in the glow stuff section but then CONTINUED down the toy aisle.

Customers! Why you no use brain?!

If a product is damaged (Or the NAT is too retarded to get through the packaging) to the point we can't sell it we need to write it down by hand to show it under waste. How we do waste is we need to copy down the bar code on the item. If it's not there you need to go looking for the same product to get the code. Yeah it's awesome when I have 3 full shopping carts to put away then I gotta go find something I don't know where it is because I've been on cash for 3 out of the 4 days I've been employed. It's awesome! :D

Oh yes and before I forget while we're still on about training. When you come up and ask me where something is and I cheerfully explain to you that I'm still in training so I'm still learning where everything is in the store but I would be more than happy to help you find another sales associate please don't:

- Huff and roll your eyes at me.

- Look at me like: Why are you still talking to me then?

Or I will start to imagine an Earthquake splitting open the highway outside the store as you drive home and as you fall down your car catches on a piece of rock and is rocking back and forth I will gladly yell: WELL FUCK YOU TOO! To send that little extra breath of wind to send your car down into the chasm before smiling and cheerfully walking away after I've helped you locate the item or a sales associate.

Carolanne hammerI would have loved to get this next part as a picture, but sadly when I went to purchase some stuff after work I forgot about it. One of the main places I was putting stuff away was the toy aisle. Now the manager from the previous story gets the toy and party aisle to clean. She has the patience of a Saint.

In the toy aisle alone I noticed the most thefts, custy's pulling products down instead of unhooking them and some lovely little hellspawn decided to smash Bingo Markers all over an entire row of shelves! I cleaned up her aisle as much as I could since she wasn't there but I'd hate to see what condition it's in tomorrow for her (I cleaned up the morning shift).

I was a Grumpy Muffin today....



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