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CanadiaCanadia here eh, My little bundle of retail hell joy is beginning to take a turn.

Maybe I'm whining here maybe not, if so please please PLEASE let me know because then I'll know it's just me being overwhelmed or if management is just asking too much from me at this current time. I guess those are the same things though...SHHHH!

Okay so at the Dollar Store I was hired as a Supervisor. I have my good nights and my bad nights closing the store but right now they have me on inventory. The girl who I'm technically replacing watched over 2 aisles, which is glass and plastic products.

The first night they told me what to do and I got it no problem, I took my little clipboard and pen and went to the back only to find... Some of the boxes are blank, have no writing depicting how much is in the box and how many boxes of the same product there are which is what is suppose to be visible AT ALL times. I go back to Bubbles and ask if there's any kind of layout for this section. This is what I was told:

"I honestly couldn't tell ya, we're all in charge of the organization of where everything goes in the back, and because she was pregnant she was pissed off so she just threw boxes where ever they fit."

Awesome...So I ended up spending most of the night organizing the back and making sure all the codes were visible, how much was in each box and how many boxes there were. I didn't get to the floor count that much so they told me I had to pick up the pace. I told them how bad it was and they seemed to let it go.

Little Mini Rant here: Before I start the next part, my store seems to just let everyone have time off whenever they want it. Yes it's good if you want time off, but they OVER BOOK time off for people. My manager is on her THIRD week's vacation, and she just got back from one a few days before she went. The kicker? She's not even vacationing anywhere as far as I can tell. She shows up to work to have a smoke with the supervisor, who's supposed to be there if I need her. There is so much strain on the store because of so many people being allowed to go, that Bubbles eye has a twitch that won't go away.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...

2nd time they had me do inventory I was done the count in the back in no time at all because it was organized. But there's a downside; someone decided to go on vacation. What happens when someone goes on vacation? Someone else gets assigned it. When someone else gets assigned to it and they're a supervisor like me you end up with more work. I'm fine with that, but 2.5 full aisle's worth of stuff to count in the aisle's and the back as well. When I don't know where every single product is, you can imagine how far I fell behind.

Carolanne arghSo to help trainees like me they have a book. This book has every product in the store and organized by code and has a picture of it. Doesn't tell you where it is, so you still need to find it. Some of the stuff I swear to god looks EXACTLY the same. I can find a product get excited I finally found it, check the code to make sure, and it's the wrong one. For plastic and glasses it's great but when I go to a wall of flowers and take out my trusty book to differentiate between which one is which and the pictures are tiny and in low quality black and white. I swear if a table magically appeared in front of me it would be flipped over in frustration. So last night I ended up getting 65% of it done. I felt good and that I was finally getting it then the next day they told me that it needs to get down faster and on the same day.

Hello! I'm not exactly slow walking and going at my own pace. I'm racing up and down the aisle trying to find all this shit! They also said that I have overstock, which needs to go in the back. I got my back done and went out to the glass aisle to work on it. I had two trolley's worth of stuff to put in the back. I finished the glass aisle completely. With some help from the supervisor because the ceilings in the back are like 40 feet tall and the boxes go up to the ceiling and the ladder is really wobbly. I almost fell off when I was near the top handling a box to put it on the shelf.

Before I got her though I broke down again like I did at Burger Joint. I was frustrated as all hell, I wasn't going to get it done tonight and Bubbles would shoot me again, also she already has so much on her plate because the manager is on another 'vacation'. When I told Supervisor she got my overstock from the plastic aisle and we put it away. So it was just the plastic aisle count and the flower count that didn't get done.

I don't know what to do anymore, part of me wants to go look for a new job because I'm beginning to think I might not just be cut out for it; partially because of the inventory part. It's done every single day, I've got 2.5 aisle's to look after (flowers is just a small section, but there's a lot of different kinds) still figure out where everything is located to count it and keep the back stock clean.

It doesn't stop there though; I might be leaving for bereavement soon which means the pressure gets added onto my coworkers. I skipped my break today to try and get this done as well and I wasn't able to make a noticeable dent in it.




I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as you're working hard and doing your best, it'll get better.
I moved to a foreign country and started delivering newspapers. First two weeks I was COMPLETELY lost. Driving on the other side of the road, on streets I didn't know. Different road rules. It was really confusing.
Slowly though, I've started to learn the different routes I need to go, and which papers go where.
It'll be the same for you. Just keep your head up and keep up the good work. :)



It sounds like you're working hard, and your supervisor will see that with time. Make sure to keep her updated on progress a couple times a day (or at least once before you leave, if possible)so she knows what's going on, which also shows her how hard you're working if you're subtly calling attention to what you've gotten through. The pressure to be superhuman sucks, but I'm an optimist, and if they can track your work I think they're less likely to have unrealistic expectations over time, especially if you can learn to give accurate estimates of how long it will take you to complete tasks, and tell them these as you go so they see you're powering through.

Also, the advice my mom gave me in a similar situation: after a little while there, ask Bubbles (your supervisor, right?) to sit down with you for minute to discuss your progress. Ask her how you've been doing so far, since you're still learning, and what she thinks you need improvement on. Ask for suggestions on how to improve your performance. Let her do most of the talking, and if you have any specific questions bring them up as well (like advice on how she gets inventory done most efficiently, for instance). Just having a talk like this, say, once a month, goes a really long way in demonstrating how committed you are to doing a good job. I'd say to do this soon, and definitely before you go on your bereavement leave. I've done this, and it really does help!

Meantime: breathe, you'll learn- keep your head up!

And- sorry to hear about your loss (bereavement leave), that's hard. *virtual hugs* if you want them.


Hey! I used to work at a Dollar Store... presuming the same brand-name you're at...

First off, you're doing fantastic! Not only did you rearrange the entire back part for your overstock - which is a bitch and a half, personal knowledge when people don't care - you also got your stock put away and most of the counts done? Great job! I knew people who had been there over six months that couldn't do the same things in a week. *grumble*

A huge cheer for you, and a 'stick it out, it gets better'. The whole part of the dollar store is just TIME. You'll realize in a week or two 'Hey, I know exactly where that is!'. It's the nature of the dollar store monster though, there's so many items that it's a memory game until you get used to the rhythm of the store, if that makes sense.

As for inventory, it gets easier. Do the floor counts first and do back room after - it's organized so you know what you're looking for. And you'll - again, time - get used to the floor as well.

Tip for the flower section: if it's anything like ours was, it gets messy like crazy, and night staff never cleans it up. If you can spare 5 min at the end of your shift, go do a real quick tidy on it. You'll also get to know the items and be able to differentiate them better.

Side note to that last point: if you can/want to, and you're able to spare about 5-10min each day. Before you come to work, or after you punch out, go down your aisles and just look. Try to find one item you don't recognize, and three that you put away yesterday. It'll help remember positioning and with inventory. But... I'm also kind of obsessive, so you can probably just ignore this last paragraph... it's mostly if you're super-worried and freaking out.

Out of curiosity, does Bubbles's name start with a J? *grins*

TLDR: You're awesome! Stick it out and you'll do just fine, you're already ahead of most people...

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