Coworker Hell In The Bathroom: Too Much Poo
Police Recruiting Signage



Wow! This one is like a combo bonus, did you get a prize for finding it? 10000000 points!


It'd be a shame if someone disconnected his boat, moved it back a bit and parked in between them.


@Raygina - no, it's spelled "hilarious".

NC Tony

You get bonus points if you have enough time to carve "DOUCHE" into the side of the truck with your keys.

The Last Archimedean

That deserves coming out to 8 tires with holes slashed in the sidewall and a cop car en route to tow your truck and boat to the impound yard.


Arch, don't forget the hole punched in the hull of the boat, the sand in the gas tank, and the shattered windshield.


I don't care if you ARE handicapped. The last you'll see of that boat is the hull from under water with the anchor rope "accidentally" wrapped around your ankles once RHU gets a hold of you! *mumbles things about parentage, orifices, female dogs, male reproductive organs, and other sordid language*


Agreed, Humor_Me (and yes, I have read your blog as well). I might not be handicapped, but I wouldn't say I'm too far from being able to claim it (got a bad knee, sometimes use a cane (and yes, I'm in my early 20's. Stupid me decided to ride a clothes basket down the stairs when I was 6.) so I understand it can be a royal pain to use spots further away), and it peeves me off when I see people just park in the handicap spots and wander in. Usually while chatting on the phone, no placard or plate, with the only handicap being an addiction to that phone. Meanwhile, I've got a bad knee and can't walk quickly, but it's functional enough to keep me from getting a handicap placard or plate (but not functional enough that anyone wants to hire me, of course, because I'm a 'liability'), so I get to park somewhere mid-to-back of lot and limp my way to the doors. Where people give me strange looks because "You're too young to use a cane. Those are for old people."

Excuse me? They're for people who have trouble supporting their weight on one leg. Meanwhile, the handicap spot they parked in could have gone to the guy in the wheelchair who had to unload next to dad's car at the end of the lot.

I'd like to wrap the anchor chain around his neck and throw the anchor off the roof of the local Hellmart. Or take a baseball bat or hammer to just one of his knees. And only hit hard enough to hurt him for life, but not count as handicapped.

Yes, I'm a vicious bastard.

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