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Temp Hell Where Nothing Is Said And You Still Get The Blame

Carolanne my dearI think this site is fantastic. It helps me get through the day (as it’s one of the only sites the IT guy *hasn’t* blocked yet) and to be quite honest, since I started reading the stories here, I have become so much more friendly/pleasant/tolerable when at the grocery store/gas station/restaurant/wherever. So thank you for that.

I used to work retail at a grocery store, a fast food place and a floral shop and it was never pleasant. I’ve since gotten a job as a temp for a marketing firm (since a Bachelor’s Degree in Print Journalism amounts to a little less than shit nowadays) and let me tell you, hell doesn’t stop even when you need to flash your ID badge to get into the building.

One of our biggest clients is a mobile phone company whose idea of a good time is to wrap 93% of the world in billowy, orange fabric. They take up a lot of our time and have about 15 reports due each quarter. Right now we’re in the midst of getting together one of the biggest reports which is 100+ pages on a good day. Two days ago I was working on it on and off all day. I got a stack of 25 or so pages about 5:45 (I’m out of there at 6), was given a few instructions and then I got as much of it done in 15 minutes as I could, then I went home. Awesome.

I went into work yesterday morning and the tool I work with informs me that they had wanted it all done yesterday, and my supervisor wanted to see me. Now, I’m not a stranger to office drama and bullshit so I like to think I can deal with it pretty well. I went upstairs to my supervisor’s office and he asks why I didn’t stay to get it finished.

“Nobody told me I had to. If somebody had said, 'Hey, this needs to be finished tonight' I would have gotten it done. But they didn’t, so I didn’t.”

Supervisor informs me that the team manager responsible for the report sent an e-mail out last night. He showed me said e-mail and the asshole sent it at 6:58! Everybody on my team had been gone for a good hour and why did it take him so long to realize that nobody was working on this? I ask my supervisor, he says he doesn’t know, but tells me he's disappointed.

“I’m not a mind reader. If somebody doesn’t explicitly say they need me to stay late, I’m not about to stay late out of the kindness of my heart.”

He laughs, I don’t. As a temp, I don’t get paid enough to want to help them all willy nilly. And I have very little room to tell them what’s really up, but I’m the only one there who knows how to work Photoshop so I feel pretty secure. I probably just jinxed myself.

Carolanne so whatHe asks if I can stay late to work on it and I tell him no problem since it means overtime for me. So yadda yadda, I proof what they have done of the report by 1 and then, so sweetly I probably gave him a cavity, asked if he knew when they would have the rest of the report (which amounted to about 60 pages of blank charts) ready to add in. He looks like I just insulted his grandmother and says he doesn’t know. Way cool, so I have nothing to do but put up a screen-cap of a presentation as my wallpaper to look busy (it works well!).

4 o’ clock rolls around and they’re working on the data right now, should be done in about ten minutes. Ten minutes goes by, then twenty, then forty-five and nothing but I’m still willing to stay late (which is probably more my own fault but overtime is tempting even though I had 3 hours of sleep the night before and was running on empty at that point) to help when they get their shit together. Shit never gets together. It takes them until 7:00 to inform us that the data is corrupted, they need to talk to a programmer and won’t have any work on the report for a few days. I could have been in bed an hour ago and they didn’t feel like telling us until right then.

Shit like this happens all of the time and I get blamed because I’m low girl on the totem pole. I’m really just waiting for the day when I can tell them all to fuck off because I get to dive straight back into retail hell, this time selling houses. That should produce some amazing stories… But thank you for giving me the forum to vent!

--Low Totem Temp