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It would take more effort than the typical traffic cop is going to put in to figure out which of those, if any, are current parking passes.


In the UK, in most car-parks you have to pre-pay for the time you spend.
For example, you put £5 into a machine and get a ticket saying that you're allowed to stay in that car-park until perhaps 17:00 on that same day.
You put this ticket into the car window and it stops you from getting a parking ticket for not paying.
In this instance, the driver has collected quite a few of these tickets and is making the warden check every ticket to find the valid one by checking the date and time on them.
I personally think that the warden should simply fine the driver for being difficult and inconsiderate.



Considering how ridiculous it is for cities to charge for parking on public streets, I'm all for this. I don't know how it works in the UK but in the US the corruption around how the registration fees are used is ridiculous.

Andy DuFresne

If I was the traffic enforcement officer, I'd just write the guy a ticket and let him waste his time proving he was parked legally.


We have these in Buffalo NY along the public streets closest to the cancer center where my husband is treated. I always thought that was just's bad enough we're at the cancer hospital but hey! let's gouge them for parking on a public street too!


I'm with Andy. You make my job harder on purpose, you get a fucking ticket anyway. Where I live if you get a ticket but can prove that it was a mistake, you have to pay for the ticket first, with a note saying that you can prove that you paid or that you should not have gotten the ticket. Then you get a court date, and if you can prove that the officer was incorrect, you get a refund. Frankly, I can't see a judge siding with the asshat who pulled this.


Yeah, enjoy the ticket. Signed at the bottom, "For being a cunt."

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