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Your Monday Morning Stockroom Scare

Yeah, I know a bunch of people who would run screaming into the mall upon seeing Redenbacher's cardboard cut out peering at them from the top of a shelving unit. They would not work well seeing this at the beginning of every shift. What's the scariest thing that a manager or management ever put in your stockroom?





There's a giant fake spider in our stock room, up at the corner of the ceiling. What worries me is I didn't even notice it until I'd been there a few months! WHAT IF IT HAD BEEN REAL.

Loved My Job

I used to work for a catering company and my bosses "forgot" to tell me that we had gotten in a whole pig. They sent me into the walk in and laughed when I bumped into the pig.

Trucker Bitch

Not really a stock room thing, but Bookace's comment reminded me about a co-worker from back when I worked at my parents' restaurant. She was always freaked out by spiders. One day near Halloween, my dad brought up a fake spider we had at home. It was a REALLY fake looking spider. Basically a fluffy ball with 8 long pose-able legs. Anyway, she was in the back getting something and he set the spider on a stack of plates in the kitchen.

It was a good thing it was early morning and there weren't any customers at the time when she came back up front and saw it.

womens retail slave

We had a LP manager that would scare all the new "back room" employees. His office was down a hallway that most had to walk past to get to the backstock area. He would take the mannequin legs off a mannequin and put his shirt over the waist part so it looked like him from the top, but neked ladies legs from the bottom. Our visual office was right across from his, and the funny double takes he would get or people stammering and backing out of the office was so funny..

"oh..hey.. your busy...i'll just...come back...uh... later"

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