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Store Needs an Item Recount


The Last Archimedean

More stores should ban kids from entering. Obviously this wouldn't work for a store like Target, but if your merchandise is designed for adults, I see no reason to not have a rule that no one under the age of 16 is allowed in.


I wonder if that is going to become a trend, TLA? God I really hope so.

jimbo jane

If i was ever to open a store, it would be combo'd with a liquor store so I could put that nifty no one under 21 allowed. Jimbo Jane's Furniture and Liquor Emporium sounds nice...


BillyBob Joe's Craft Supplies and Ammunition Store.


Potatohead: Add in a smoke shop and get the trifecta, "Alcohol, tobacco and firearms." As Cecil Adams says, sounds like the makings of a fun camping trip. :D

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