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A Rabid Bitch Enters The Deli And Pushes All The Crusty Buttons

Bitch EncounterFrom: RHU Facebook

Oh sweet baby everything!

Had a fun filled night tonight. This has been the week from hell. My BF is on the afternoon shift so I see him maybe 2 hours a day so that's fun, I just found out my great-grandfather is on the downhill and will be passing on within the next month or so and have still attended work while sick as a dog from stress/general upset causing me to not sleep, eat, or generally function properly.

So last night was my Friday night; my last shift until my weekend. Was excited to have a full 2 days to myself, go visit my grandpa and just enjoy some time with my BF and get the snuggles I've been dying for since I'm constantly about a second away from a mental breakdown and a cry-fest.

Nope couldn't have an easy night. Not allowed. First customer wants two bagels with HALF!!!! Cream cheese, 2 yogurts, a large chocolate milk and something else. Well I drop her bagels (wearing gloves!!!!) into the toaster and while doing that I run and grab her other stuff.

Well in passing by the toaster with handfuls of her other shit I pull her bagels out (they were very sweet bagels so they would have scorched in half a second if left under the toaster coils). She lost her damned mind that it was unsanitary. She demanded that I make her brand new bagels. Bitch, I've only touched OTHER FOOD ITEMS!! Trust me it's about as sanitary as it'll be.

Well as luck would have it, since I work nights I only have what's left over from the afternoon shift in the way of food. Turns out I only have one bagel left of what she wanted. As I start to tell her this to try to come to a compromise (and apologize!) she gets huffy and refuses to answer. Well fuck it, you've already paid for two fucking bagels I'll just grab whatever one I think will look good with you choking on it as I stuff it down your bitch-ass throat!

Carolanne axeYeah so finish making her two bagels AGAIN!!

And she turns to me: "So not only do you fuck up my first bagels in such a disgusting unsanitary manner. You then try to pull a fast one on me by switching the bagels?"

Me: Sorry ma'am I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't talk to me.

Her: "Well you shouldn't have fucked up in the first place!"

Me: I'm sorry, but I didn't realize what I was doing was so unsanitary.

Her: "You're lucky I don't call the health board over this. You'll be lucky to have your fucking job tomorrow morning!!"

Fuck you cunt-scab, I really don't care about my job at this point, I'm half way out the door getting a new better job. Honestly couldn't care what you say or think about me to be honest. She had me so flustered and stressed out and just... GAH! I was shaking and honestly felt nauseated.

Sorry for the wall o' text!! Seriously had to vent to some people who would truly understand!




Kat: She said she was wearing gloves. She put the bagels in the toaster, went to get other food items, and came back and got the bagels out of the toaster. She did not remove her gloves. She was wearing gloves.


The way I'm reading it, she pretty clearly says that she was wearing gloves. The customer apparently wanted her to take off those gloves and put on a second pair because she had touched a yogurt carton and a milk bottle with the original pair, which is a little ridiculous. Certainly not worth threatening to call the health board.


Kat: You are a stupid presumptuous dibshit. She put on gloves to make the lady's food and only touched that lady's food. Do you put on a different pair of gloves for every individual ingredient you add to your meal? Also, in almost every state it is not a requirement to wear gloves when preparing food. It took me 10 seconds to look this up. Get informed before you make an ass out of yourself.


This isn't the fist post I've seen you trolling your dumbass on Kat. You obviously know nothing about sanitation. Take a god damn safe food service course before you bitch about sanitation and "whining about doing your job."

I'm sorry about your grandfather OP. I was devastated when I lost my paternal grandfather and I'd be lost if my maternal grandfather passed away. I can't believe how childish some people can be. At my very first job I had someone bitch at me because "It didn't look sanitary" to use a cooling fan to help cool the chocolate shell on her ice cream faster. You know, a fan that got cleaned daily to prevent getting dust in the custies ice creams. Some people. -.-


The ban hammer has been wielded...again...


Go Ilia!!!!!

That lady was full on psycho crazy. And sh'es lucky you even tried again. I would have yelled right back or refused her service.

Canadian Coffee Gal

OP here:
Thanks for the kind words. Yes it may have been a little confusing re: glove situation. But I never once touched a food item with my bare hands. Where I work we have little wax paper pieces that we use if we are just grabbing one item. I can guarantee that had I used one of these wax paper pieces to get her bagels she would have lost her mind because there was a chance of cross contamination (although I do somewhat agree with her on that one....). I am a constant hand washer and always make a point to change gloves every 15 or so minutes if I"m wearing them on a consistent basis. And between glove changes I wash my hands.
I do my job everyday, no matter what. I've come into work sick as a dog but didn't once complain. I've worked at this store for over a year now and have taken only 2 shifts off to be at home sick. I didn't even take the night off when I got the news my grandfather is dying. Despite being a pathetic crying mess...
Obvious - Normally I would have told her to go shove it where the sun don't shine or got my supervisor to finish serving her but at that time I just wanted her gone. Wanted to get rid of my lineup and find a corner in the back and cry for a couple minutes. As it were she never did call and complain or if she did it got nowhere as a) I still have my job and b) there was no write up, so I guess that means I win??

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