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Night Shift Equals Shit Week With Crappy Coworkers

Carolanne sloshedFrom: RHU Facebook

Incoming second wall o' text from me. You have been warned!

So Friday was the day from hell. Started with that bitch of a first customer who yelled at me saying she was going to call the health board and get my fired (as posted in my previous post) Well it gets better.

I work 11-7, day shift people come in, in stages; 2 people at 5am, then 3 I think at 6am, and the rest at 7am. Well 6 am consists of 2 people from management, an assistant manager, and our general manager. I've never been in a workplace that is so painfully highschool that I literally have anxiety attacks going to work.

I never know what I'm getting into when it comes to 6-7. Some days it's great, we all get along, goof around and joke and just have a great last hour of my shift, other days? Fuck no. It's like everyone wants to murder someone, and because I'm nights, I'm the main target. It's a common issue when there are three shifts, day shift is like the next incarnation of Jesus and does no wrong, afternoons is kinda useless but night shift? Clearly you all must be 3 IQ points away from an ant, and night shift is the last possible thing you could manage to get for a job because someone just felt bad for your clearly mentally disabled ass! (Please note, I'm highly intelligent, always read 5+ years about my age level, and was for the most part a high 70% to mid 80% grade level in school).

So my week in general has been hell, I couldn't tell you what I had for breakfast on Thursday after work because I've been in that much of a daze after hearing that my great-grandfather is on his way out of this world. So I've made a few goof ups.

One of them was a coffee spill. Had everything ready to make a new pot of coffee, turned the machine on and walked away. No problem right? Nope, forgot to put the coffee pot under the thing. Yeah, came back 3 minutes later, coffee bloody everywhere!! Thankfully it was slow so I cleaned it up.

Well apparently some of it got into the sugar bin under the counter. It's not as busy as it is on days so I don't fill my sugar machine often (calibrated to give consistent amounts of sugar everytime instead of "yup that's a spoonful") so I didn't notice that there was a small amount of sugar that was soaked with coffee. Plus see aforementioned daze I've been in.

Well my manager flipped shit on me when she saw it after filling the sugar machine. Called me useless, no more useful than a wall blah blah blah. Literally shaking with rage.

Carolanne sitIt gets better. I work as a team of 4 on drive thru during 6-7, order taker, window, coffee, and sandwich station. I'm the only night shift person on the drive thru the entire hour. The rest of them are all day shift. So they constantly joke around and I just sit there quietly doing my job. The entire hour they make fun of and belittle my two night shift coworkers, and take their stabs at me on occasion. Friday was no different.

My order taker made a mad dash to the bathroom (been having tummy troubles all week.. It's all good, we all have day where we get the liquid shits and the bowels wait for no one). My manager asked where she went, and I said "I think she's in the bathroom, not sure though."

Now it's busy, I'm trying to do the job of two people during our busiest time of day, and I'm naturally a timid person. I don't know if I said it really quietly, or if my manager just chooses not to listen to me so she has free ammo to yell at me for shit. But when my order taker gets back she flips out how I never say anything since my OT said she might make a dash for the bathroom.

Yeah I'm useless though. Because despite coming in after getting terrible news I miss some random things, so clearly I think I'm going to leave all this extra work for the incoming shift, because I think they are a slave shift. That I can just waltz out of the store leaving all this extra work to them.... Oh, Forgot to mention.. Night shift? 3 staff members. Day shift? I think they have up to 15 people on their shift....