Nice Concept, But Not Very Tasty
Burbank Shopping Plaza of Weirdness Meme


The Last Archimedean

If I want wings I wouldn't get them from McDonald's in any case.


Yeah...why? Why are they throwing their hat into the wing ring?


Because people will pay good money for leftover garbage. And if they want it quickly, they'll go somewhere they can get it quickly, rather than having to sit in a restaurant for an hour.

Any question that begins 'why do they' or 'why don't they' is always answered "Money".


I'll stick to making my own Habanero Hell wings. At least then I know what I'm getting myself into: a basket of good hot chicken covered until red with Habanero pepper.

Su Chan

That display is really... shitty.

Not Perfect

Give them credit, at least it's accurate.

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