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Custy Returned It Late, Doesn't Understand The Fee

Carolanne exasperatedFrom: RHU Facebook

*pounds head on desk* First patron of the day kept bugging me over why she owed 50 cents.

I repeatedly told her it's because she RETURNED Pillars Of The Earth two days late. She kept going on about how she RENEWED it twice and that must be way.

"It was due September 12th and you returned it September 14th."

"I renewed it twice!"

I get it lady, but that doesn't change the fact you RETURNED IT TWO DAYS LATE!

If she would've just shut up long enough to listen to me she would've got it but she kept talking over me. It was like trying to talk to my mother. (I love my mom, but she never lets me finish what I'm saying.)


Dr Seuss + Jurassic Park = Seusstastic Park


From Laughing Squid: Indianapolis, Indiana-based custom figure creator Sillof was commissioned by The Best Western Denver Southwest “Dino Hotel” to create Seusstastic Park, a reimagining of Jurassic Park as if it were created by Dr. Seuss. The result is a collection of dinosaur figures designed after iconic Dr. Seuss characters: a herd of Catahaturus, the Lorceritax, Dilo 1 & Dilo 2, Yellosneechtors, and the Grinchasaurus Rex. To see photos of all the whimsical dinosaurs and read a full tale of Seusstastic Park in the style of Dr. Seuss, head over to Sillof’s website.


There was a family made of a Professor, a Botantist, a Lexi and Tim.
They decided one night that they would take a trip on a whim.
Agreed it was best to wait until morning when gone was the dark.
And as the new day sun rose they set off for Seusstastic Park.