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RHU University: End Of The First Semester

RHU1STRWell my dear students, your first semester has come to a close. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the Custys and Crustys that can be encountered in the Retail Environment.

Hopefully what you have learned here has prepared you for the field, and I encourage you to observe and document your encounters. Keep in mind that anything you discover could be used to expand our knowledge and understanding of these annoying, and sometimes dangerous, but unique creatures.

We wish to encourage you to continue to submit your discoveries and encounters to our school for future generations of Custologists and Crustologists. If, by happenstance, you meet a new species of Custy or Crusty that may not have been discovered yet, please submit any and all information about your encounter to our office. We will investigate it as thoroughly as possible and add it to our curriculum with full credit to the one who discovered it.

Also, I would like to remind all of you that safety is still very important, regardless of how experienced you may be in encountering these beasties in their natural environment. As each Custy and Crusty has its own personality, each situation will differ from one day to the next. Always remember that these are wild, unpredictable creatures and cannot be considered 'tame' or 'safe.' Do not approach a strange Crusty without safety equipment or reviewing the correct behaviors for handling one.

Now you may have realized that we have only covered a small percentage of Custys and Crusties in existence. I wish to reassure you that your learning experience is not over, and that after a break we shall begin a new semester with new Custies and Crustys to discover and observe. If you have heard of a species of Custy or Crusty that you are still eager to learn about, please be sure to return next semester for a chance to meet them!

Until next time, my faithful students, I wish you luck and a fruitful harvest of encounters!

Class dismissed,


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