HR Tries Another Way of Getting Through To Their Employees
A Few Highlights Of An RHUers Day


Psy W

I would suspect something along the lines of every cheap perfume mixed together, which slowly engulf you. But then again, I'm biased for Firefox and Chrome.


How does it smell? Considering it's named after Internet Explorer, I'm guessing old fashioned.


I think it probably smells like a dirty, haven't-showered-in-days, W.O.W. player sitting in a dark room full of empty Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles.


Burning circuits? That's what the God of the Internet was smoking in American Gods.



Miss Red

Nobody knows what the smell is like, it takes too long to load up and crashes halfway through.


Does it smell like updates and regret?

Lapis Lazuli

It smells like annoyance and failure, my friends, annoyance and failure...

NC Tony

Miss Red beat me to it, I was going to say by the time you smell it, it's too late to be effective for anything.

Bitch Boy

It smells like wild flowers and shame...


Now, is there a way to buy this? I have IT friends that would get a kick out of this.

Jason Thorn

Smells like...DESPERATION.

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