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When Customers "Feel" Something

Bookstore SlaveHas anyone gotten a talking to from a manager because a customer 'feels' something?

At Hoarders I got a talking to from one of my managers because a customer complained, "I FELT like I was an interruption, and I FELT like I was annoying her when I just wanted to ask a question."

I looked my manager right in the eye and said "Well I can't control how people feel. I've been treating everyone the same, and no one has interrupted me in the middle of anything else so they certainly weren't an interruption or annoyance."

Custy, if you felt guilty for something, that's on you, not me. I can't make it any better for you. Yes I am, in fact, happy you're here. The more books you buy, the more titles I see that I may want to read for myself! :D

May all your customers be nice,


The Last Archimedean

My manager always replies to idiotic complaints like that one with, "Did [employee] actually DO anything that you have a complaint about?"

The customer, usually very surprised the manager didn't kowtow immediately, will stammer out, "Um... uh.... no, but I --"

At which point the manager will interrupt. "No? Then you don't actually have a complaint. Please enjoy your shopping experience at [store]." And before the customer can respond, the manager will go back to their station/office.

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