This Is Going To Cause Some Confusion
Truck Driver Halloween



Novel idea, but in a gas emergency you aren't going to have time to get that thing out from under a shirt...

Bored at the Bookstore

Wow, that'd have to be a Very Good Friend or a dire situation, before I'd want to borrow a used bra cup to breathe through...


hopefully the gas attack isn't during summer - nothing like sniffing a sweaty bra *gag*


life and death would make it a easy choice to gladly suck some sweat for a few minutes if it meant surviving. if i could id ship a few to the women in the armed forces.


I would imagine that would only work for girls with *ahem* smaller girls. I know quite a few ladies whose cup size would cover my face entirely, and would not be good as a gas mask.
Plus, could you imagine being out and about and needing one, but... "Fuck! My gas mask bra is in the wash!"

Joe the Cigar Guy

Reminds me of the old joke: "What do you get when you cut 50 bras in half? 100 yarmulkes with chin straps!"

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