Death Visits The Park
Unique Trick or Treater Revenge



Aw geeze, did you *have* to post a picture of the lotus boob?? The other 'actual scares' are depicted with harmless photos that describe an experience -- but the thing about the lotus boob is that *the picture itself* is what is frightening, not the thought of it.

Trypophobia -- fear of clustered holes/bumps -- is a little-known but surprisingly common psychological reaction to patterned bumpy or holey things such as spider eyes, the inside of a sliced-open bulb of garlic, a lotus seed pod, bumpy rashes, honeycombs, a cluster of tiny insects or their eggs, barnacles, the inside of a pomegranate or papaya....Trypophobics can have reactions that range from just being creeped-out and disturbed, to vomiting and nightmares. The lotus boob is notorious for being one of the worst (photoshopped) things a trypophobe can see.

I was eating a late meal when I saw this post. Could not finish said meal. And I'm going to try to avoid this site for awhile -- not due to a one-person boycott out of any anger, but because I'm hoping this post will get buried under other posts so I don't see it again.


Queenofcrows ~ I think I was equally ooked out by that image. Blergh! Images like that always make me feel queasy and give me the heebie-jeebies.
Like those frogs who carry their froglings in their pores... *gag*

Joe the Cigar Guy

I'm with you on the lotus boob! Ewwwww!
I've got 2 more phobias: fear of silence and fear of making a choice.
Seriously, how many of us HAVE to have TV/radio/iPod/phone blaring in order to feel comfortable? As for the second, have you ever watched how twitchy some people get in fast food restaurants as they read the menu?


Omg...I last saw that photo a couple years ago and had finally gotten it out of my head...and now I need to go bleach my brain to try to get rid of it again :(

Roxas Saix

It didn't freak me out. In fact, I couldn't figure out what it was, so I google image searched it. Still doesn't freak me out.


Weird. This is the first I've heard of it.


Lotus boob makes me want to squeeze those things out...

I shamefully admit to being scared of harmless insects, though. I had a squeaking panic attack over a male mosquito in my shower. Couldn't get back in till it was gone. :|


Thank you, Queen of Crows. I have that particular phobia and never knew the name for it. Lotus boob creeps me out majorly.


What the hell is a lotus boob? I'm really not sure what I am looking at.

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