Real Scares Vs Pretend Scares
The Great 'Cocaine' Pumpkin Arrives at Montreal Airport and Is Promptly Arrested


Andy DuFresne

I guess parents aren't teaching their kids that if the porch light is off that the people in the house have no candy. We didn't get any candy this year and had our light off. As I was leaving to grab dinner, I met 2 sets of kids almost to our door. It made me feel bad having to turn the kids away.


I had people knocking on my door even though I had no lights on outside and only one light on in the house (I was hermiting)


This is why I always spend Halloween at the cinema. Saw Thor 2 last night - 10/10 recommend.
It's not big or clever as behavior goes though. You shouldn't have to celebrate Halloween, or have to hand out candy - if you want to, great, but if not, that's no reason for people to 'prank you' by encouraging others to bother you.


Really that first note was unnecessary and bitchy.
If you don't want to hand out candy, don't hand out candy but there's no reason to be a jerk about it by telling people basically "go buy your own effing candy!"

I ran out of candy last night, so after the final batch of trick or treaters that cleaned me out left, I turned off the porch light, shut the blinds and hunkered down in the dark to watch a scary movie.
No one else rang the bell, and I know kids were still out because I heard them trick or treating at my neighbor's house (I live in a townhouse so the houses are right next to each other).
If anyone had knocked, though, I would have just not answered and pretended I wasn't home.


I would say "what happened to turning out the porch light?" but where I live the lights automatically turn on because the building has them on a timer. I have no control over it. There's no need to be so rude about it though. I just left a note that said "sorry, no candy" and no one bothered me.


We didn't have any trick or treaters, despite having candy and the light on. Takes all types, I guess.


My apt complex does something I haven't seen before: because we too have the porch lights that don't turn off, they printed up papers that had big jack-o-lanterns on them, with instructions to hang them on your door if you have treats to pass out. It actually worked really well :D
And while you certainly don't have to participate in trick or treating festivities, I agree with Chicajojobe - that first note is kind of bitchy. A simple "no candy, sorry" will suffice.

Retail Psycho

I'm guessing the original note writers problem was the part where they say "don't tell your children to keep knocking or ringing the doorbell" I'm guessing they had the porch light off and still had kids knocking and parents telling them to keep going so they put the note up after getting sick of it. Yeah they didn't need to add the part about walmart being 2 minutes away but I can see where they'd get annoyed with people not taking the hint that they aren't going to answer to door and they aren't giving out candy


We had the light on, a ton of candy...and one trick or treater.

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