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Custy Works Around The 15 Item Limit

Jason bored 2From: RHU Facebook

Finally got to experience one of *those* crustys today at the grocery store checkout. Ugh!

I have 4 items, get in the 15-items-or-less line, one person ahead of me and Jerk Guy checking out. Realize that he has three jammed-full large cloth bags of groceries.

But .... he had a way around the 15-or-less rule. He had the clerk ring up each bag individually and repack it, paying for each as he went along. He gets to the end of the second bag, THEN started paging through the newspaper ad to find the coupons he needed to use. THEN he found he had gotten the wrong brand of canned goods, so had to have those taken off. Finally, he started to pay, but had to go through 3 outside pockets, then take off his coat to get to his pant pocket to get the exact change! And there was still a full bag to go....

By this time I had moved to another line with 4 people in front of me. I was done checking out before he ever got to the third bag! Poor clerk. So glad I work in a hotel and not retail!


A Survivor's Tale Of Black Friday: A Few Idiots, But Management Took Steps

Black fridayFrom: RHU Facebook

I have survived the chaos of the past few days. First of all, I am extremely thankful for my managers for doing everything they could to make sure the "events" went smoothly and that nobody got hurt.

Before the events even started, I had my first crusty. The managers had roped and blocked off certain aisles to contain crowds and direct traffic. This meant a rather round-about path had to be taken to get from point A to point B in the store. Around 5:45ish, an older man comes up complaining about the blockages and how his legs bother him. He was buying motor oil. This wouldn't have all been bad, but he was saying things like "Stupid Americans" and "China is better than this."

He had an accent, probably somewhere European, so if he has that much issue with Americans, he should just go back to whatever country he came from in the first place. Sorry the one time out of the year America's rampant consumerism is overly evident is the one day you need to go buy motor oil.

Black friday 2Also, who the heck decides 7pm on Thanksgiving is the best time to go grocery shopping and use WIC????? Seriously??? That is approximately the time most sane, not consumer driven people are still safely with family and friends. I have a slight suspicion they might not celebrate Thanksgiving, which would mean Thanksgiving to them was just another Thursday and chance to run errands, but still. Unless they had been living in a box the last month or so, they should have realized that stores were going to be beyond crazy around that time with sales.

Definitely not the time to go grocery shopping and tie up a cashier's line with the slightly lengthy WIC process. I have permission from the CSMs to just call them next year so they can yell at the idiots who decided this was a good idea.