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Carolanne Argh 2From: RHU Facebook

Last night sucked. I was set to do inventory, which I have done before at this store, but not like this. Let me count the ways why last night sucked.

1) We have a new register system. Completely different from what I'm used to. One of the "perks" of this system is that there are certain things that only management can do, such as enter in waste, print off certain sheets, etc. So I have no idea where to go to print off the inventory sheet. And even if I did know, the weekly inventory sheet is the same as the monthly inventory sheet which is the same as the quarterly inventory sheet.. which means that they count a lot more on the quarterly sheet than they need to for the monthly and weekly.

The manager was SUPPOSED to print off the inventory sheet for me, and then highlight what I was actually supposed to count.. only he forgot. And so I had to dig for an old inventory sheet on the computer, and add and guesstimate as to what I need to count, since it's been a few months since I last did it.

2) The people scheduled with me. I had a brand new person, second day there, who I've been training. And I had UFU with me, who is slower than molasses and who drives me up the wall with her slowness. How the fuck am I expected to leave those two by themselves to count in the cooler and freezer?

Jason bored 2Answer is that I could not. We had a rush basically from 5 until 7, and then I had to do breaks before UFU left at 8, and I couldn't get much of the inventory counted at all. In fact, I still didn't get to count chips, and a few other things.....

3) ...because the goddamn scale decided to shit out on me. You know you need a new scale when the battery is held into place with a crapton of scotch tape, and the power supply for the scale is missing, probably having been mangled in a horrible accident involving mistreatment. So I couldn't finish weighing everything.

Seriously, set me up for success at the very least! I used to whip through inventory and still get everything done, and I just can't seem to manage that anymore. It's driving me totally nuts!



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