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Lamenting The Loss Of A Great Retail Slave

Bookstore SlaveOh RHU, this may seem like a silly lament, but please indulge me. You know that I volunteer with Wonderful Lady in the hospital. As her sort-of payment for all my help, she usually buys me lunch in the cafe. November 1st was when they implemented a permanent change; the grill was closed down.

This grill was a simple thing; hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. Add a panini or a BLT as a "special" of the day and you could have a good time at lunch. Then... closure. The claims stated that they would following the way of "health" by shutting that down.

Now the grill was kind of the catch all for all staff. Every Friday without fail was fish. Which meant the soup was clam chowder. Never a shrimp gumbo or other alternative. Sustainable catch of the day in some sort of sauce for Fridays, pastas, Asian style bbq pork, iron flat steaks and various other things depending on the day of the week. There's a sandwich bar, fruit, chips, pizza, yogurt and ice cream. Add cookies and pastries. All in all, the selection is actually quite good.

But when you just want a damn burger and fries, the Grill was your go-to. Quick, hot, and tasty. The ingredients were fresh, not that crap they sell at places like McHells or Burger Peasant. And get this; they went 'healthier' by closing the grill, but there's still chocolate chip cookies, pizza, ice cream and chips. So really they're just taking one thing away in the name of saving money (i.e. they don't have to pay the grill cook anymore).

Losing the grill cook was really quite sad for me. He is a really sweet guy; always had a friendly word for me when I came in, and he would bend the rules a bit if it wasn't busy. This rule bending was nothing extremely big; the rule is, you place your order for grill food at the cashier and pay for it, then wait for your order number to come up. He would sometimes ask me if I was planning on a grill munchie on that day, and he'd take the order early and get started on it while I went up and paid. Like I said, nothing big, but it was a gesture that I appreciated, knowing how anal bosses can be about rules.

And since I was usually getting Wonderful Lady's lunch at the same time, my hands would be full with a tray. He would put the food clamshells on my tray for me so I didn't have to juggle anything. It was the little things that made having him in the cafe a treat. Now it's closed, and I'm missing his presence pretty hard. He was my regular retail slave who I enjoyed interacting with.

On the plus side, HR was the first to voice their objections to the loss of the grill. Not that it prevented the grill from closing, but it's nice to hear that many staff members, higher ups even, lament the loss with us.


May all your Awesome Regulars stay regular,


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