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Piggy Family Leaves Behind Mess at Restaurant


Reddit: I went to dinner and the table next to me let their child throw anything and everything on the floor while they were eating. This is the floor when they left, this is after the waitress repeatedly swept up after them and mopped up a glass of water. 


The waitress swept multiple times throughout a family dinner with ONE child and two parents. This is what the floor looked like after they left. Fuck you if you do this.




TaTa Ria

Criminy, I wonder what their house looks like.

Goo Goo Gaga

I have three small children . When we dine out anywhere,I crawl around cleaning up. I won't leave till it looks like it did when we arrived. Even if it's a fast food establishment.

The Last Archimedean

Those animals shouldn't be allowed to mingle with normal society until they learn how to clean up after their crotch fruit.


If I ever did that in a public place as a child, my dad would have twisted my ears.

Trucker Bitch

My parent never would have let my sister or me do that. We would have gotten the Look and hauled out of there. Then have to spend the car ride home getting lectured on good manners.

Joe the Cigar Guy

People are GREAT at producing children, but lousy at maintaining them. Sadly, parents also assume "they have people to clean that up".

SpookShow Baby

Ugh. And then people who fins this behavior unacceptable are labeled child haters. It takes time to make a mess that big. If the kid is old enough to use silverware, then it's old enough to be reasonably neat. And throwing garbage on the floor is just plain wrong.

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