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Jason oopsFrom: RHU Facebook

So I had a ditz moment/great service today.

Went to a cafe this morning while I waited for BF to get an eye check. There was a paper sitting on the table when I sat down, so I started to read it while I waited for my coffee.

Just as I'm starting to wonder where my coffee is because I'd been waiting nearly 20 minutes, another custy asked if I was waiting for a coffee because they'd been calling one for the last 10 minutes.

Turned out it was mine, and I'd just completely spaced out. When I went up to pick it up, the barista was super nice about it and even offered to remake it for me.

I turned him down since it was my own mistake for not listening and it was still piping hot anyway. Still, I felt stupid for not listening but at least I wasn't on my phone...



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