The Great 'Cocaine' Pumpkin Arrives at Montreal Airport and Is Promptly Arrested
Retail robin: Not Helping



I've seen that sign at our local TB as well...always wondered what the heck it was for.


late night fastfoods are a hot spot for robbery. When I was still in fastfood the manager of the subway across from us got killed during a closing robbery. After that we had strict protocols for the closing crew.

NC Tony

Thieves know the best spot to lay in wait is by the dumpster out back when the store is closing. Wait till some poor employee comes out to dump the trash, then attack them, take them inside the store and rob the place. At least with a warning like this in place, anyone wanting to rob the Taco Bell will have to figure out something else, unless they want to spend all night crouched by the dumpster.

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