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Dear Creeps On The Street: No, My Name Is Not 'Hey Baby'

There are few moments less comfortable than encountering unwelcome attention in public. Whether receiving leers, catcalls, gestures, whistles, honks, evaluative comments, etc. (I could keep going), it's harassment — and millions of women and girls face it every day.

Laci Green knows a thing or two about creeps who do that sort of thing and has a message for them — and for you, too. Because I know you would never behave that way, right? And while I wish she would have mentioned that harassment isn't solely men harassing women, it's way more common for women or people perceived as female to be targeted.



Queenofcrows has a ton of personal rants on the topic. Also, if you haven't already, Google the essay about Schrödinger's Rapist -- a controversial piece of writing, but it makes a strong argument for why men should take a second look at their behaviour when interacting with women they don't know and find attractive.

Soft Ice Girl

Needs to be said every once in a while, thank you.


It's Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty!
Sorry, couldn't resist :D
Seriously, though. If you're a guy, don't do this. It's douchey. No girl will ever sleep with you because you cat-called her on the street. A guy on a dating site I'd never interacted with messaged me "Why aren't you in my bed? Sorry, I don't know why I wrote that. I got no game." Yeah, and you won't if you keep saying that to women.

Retired from Hell

Back when I was young and pretty and car-less I got this a lot. I found the silent sneer most effective. And if they guy was actually an exhibitionist, sneering while pointing at his (usually inadequate)d!ck made their brains explode.

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